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Repair Hair Damage with Protein Shampoo


Is your hair suffering from excessive breakage? Protein shampoo might be the solution to your problem. Hair fall is common for all hair types. However, when your hair breaks at the slightest touch, it’s a sign of hair damage. Brittleness can do this to your hair. There are many causes that can make hair brittle. It could be due to the type of shampoo that you use daily or how frequently you wash hair.

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The most common reason why your hair becomes brittle is lack of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient not only to your hair’s strength but the rate at which it grows too. Protein shampoo delivers enough protein to help strengthen hair and improve its resilience. These shampoos prevent hair damage and breakage.

Protein shampoo helps control hair damage. However, since there are protein shampoos that can dry hair, you need to look for a suitable conditioner that can restore moisture. Learn how protein shampoos work and their benefits for your hair.

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    Why Your Hair Needs Protein

    Protein is one of the most essential nutrients your body needs to function well. Your body is made up of 16% protein. Protein has a huge role in your body’s structure, maintenance, movement, and energy. Most of your body is made up of protein too. Protein supports the structure of your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, nails, and hair.

    Your hair, especially, is made up of around 90% protein. Protein affects the strength of strands and the rate at which hair grows. Lack of protein can lead to slow or stunted hair growth. Protein helps maintain important body functions. If you have protein deficiency, your body prioritizes which functions are important and allocates where protein goes.

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    Hair growth is not considered a crucial body function. This is why you may experience stunted hair growth when you suffer from protein deficiency. When hair follicles do not receive protein, they slow down hair growth. Protein deficiency can affect the strength of the strands that grow too. When your body lacks protein, you end up having dry and brittle hair.

    Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up your hair. It is considered a protective protein because keratin is tougher than other cells found in your body.

    Shampoos that contain keratin help strengthen hair and repair damage. Keratin supports your hair’s structures and strengthens cuticle layers. Learn more about the benefits of using keratin shampoo for your hair.

    Role of Protein in Hair Growth

    Protein is important to grow healthy and strong hair. It is an essential nutrient that your body needs. This nutrient is necessary to grow strong and thick strands. Protein shampoos help stimulate the follicles to grow hair that is resilient against damage. Below, you’ll find how protein helps in hair growth.

    Improves Hair Growth

    Follicles create new cells that make up hair strands. As new hair grows, they push through the scalp, making strands grow longer. Protein supports the growth of new hair cells. Protein fibers make up each hair strand. Hair follicles need protein to grow strong and thick strands of hair. When you lack protein, your hair ends up growing dry and brittle. This makes the strands prone to damage and breakage.

    Protein deficiency forces the body to overlook functions such as hair growth. This can make a good percentage of your hair go to resting phase. This may lead to stunted hair growth. Shampoos can deliver protein directly to hair follicles, which stimulates healthy hair growth.

    Supports Hair Strength

    Hair strands are made up of three layers. These layers include cuticle, cortex, and medulla. Only cuticles and cortex contribute to hair’s strength. Medulla’s role in hair strength, health, or growth is still uncertain.

    Cuticles are made of overlapping scales that protect the cortex. These scales form various layers to prevent air from passing through and reaching inside hair shaft. Keratin strengthens cuticle layers and protects them from damage.

    Cortex is the thickest part of hair shaft. It is made of various protein bonds. Cortex is what gives hair strength and elasticity. Protein bonds allow the strands to stretch without breaking. This is also where melanin is found. With a balanced protein on hair, the strands are more resilient without becoming too dry.

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    Protein Shampoo Benefits for Hair

    Protein shampoos improve the strength and appearance of your hair. They contain other ingredients that work well with protein such as biotin. Various types of protein can be used to make shampoo formulas. Silk protein is a great ingredient in shampoos that help improve hair strength, shine, and softness.

    Protein shampoos are not only for brittle hair. There are a lot of benefits you can get when you use protein shampoos. They strengthen hair and prevent damage.

    Strengthens Hair

    Protein shampoos stimulate growth of healthier and stronger strands. They fortify hair cells to reduce damage and breakage. Protein helps control the ability of your hair to retain water. When hair becomes hydrated, it becomes stronger and more elastic. Hair can stretch without breaking into two. With protein bonds, hair is easier to style and manage too.

    Repairs Hair Damage

    Protein is needed to repair tissues, especially hair follicles. Shampooing using harsh formulas can damage the follicles, which affects the new hair that grows. Hair damage happens when the strand’s natural barrier wears down. It allows chemicals to damage hair.

    Your hair becomes brittle over time, especially if you use harsh shampoos. Protein shampoos can strengthen hair and repair damage such as split ends. They mend the damaged cuticles and helps hair retain more water. With increased hydration, the strands become more elastic, stronger, and shinier.

    Protects Hair from Damage

    Protein shampoos fortify the natural barrier of your hair to reduce hair damage. The natural barrier of strands can get damaged when you wash your hair. The protein in shampoos bond to hair’s surface, making it tougher and preventing deterioration of hair shaft.

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    Signs Your Hair Needs Protein Shampoo

    It is not only brittle hair that needs protein treatment. Color or chemical treatment also calls for a change of shampoo. You can’t use regular shampoos on chemical-treated hair. Chemical treatments damage hair and break down the strands’ natural barrier. Using protein shampoos can restore hair strength and shine.

    Your hair will tell you if you need protein shampoos. These shampoos can repair and reduce signs of hair damage. If you experience the signs below, switch to a quality protein shampoo.

    High Porosity

    Porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb water. Your hair becomes more porous when the natural barrier wears down, allowing chemicals to speed up deterioration of protein from inside. Balanced porosity allows enough moisture to absorb through strands and moisturize hair. When your hair has high porosity, it absorbs more water. However, this is not entirely a good thing.

    High porosity makes hair limp when damp. When dry, it allows air to pass through cuticles and swell the shaft. This leads to increased frizziness. Low porosity, on the other hand, prevents hair from absorbing any moisture. You need to balance moisture and protein in your hair to prevent frizziness and dryness.

    When your hair has high porosity, it can show the following signs:

    • Dry Hair – Dry hair becomes dull and rough to the touch. It becomes harder to manage and style too. Dry hair may feel squeaky clean after shampooing.
    • Frizzy Hair – Frizzy hair gets tangled and forms knots often. This can lead to breakage. If you have wavy or curly hair, the curls lose definition when they get frizzy.

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    Loss of Elasticity

    Elasticity is your hair’s ability to stretch and snap back in its original form without breaking. Loss of elasticity makes hair so brittle that it snaps with little force. Something as simple as finger brushing hair can cause breakage. This happens when the natural barrier of your hair is damaged. Lack of hair moisture and hydration leaves hair less elastic as well.

    Loss of elasticity translates to low protein content too. Protein is made up of various bonds that give hair strength and elasticity. Low protein content leaves hair brittle and prone to breakage.

    Below are some signs showing loss of elasticity:

    • Excessive Breakage – Hair breaks easily when it is not elastic. Sometimes, hair stretches without going back to its original form. The stretched strands are prone to breakage. When you suffer from excessive breakage, you will notice that hair fall becomes worse.
    • Split ends – Split ends are signs that hair is becoming less elastic. Hair deteriorates and becomes more brittle, which allow split ends to happen.

    There are various signs of hair damage that protein shampoo can repair. Below, you’ll learn about other signs of hair damage and how shampoos help repair them.

    Other Sources of Protein for Hair

    There are other sources of protein other than shampoos. Protein is found in all types of food and products. You can get protein to strengthen your hair and improve how it looks. Below are other sources of protein that can strengthen your hair.


    Various types of food are rich in protein that can improve your hair. Seafood such as tuna and shrimp are both rich in protein. You can include egg and lean meat in your daily diet too. They are packed with protein that helps grow longer and stronger hair.

    Hair mask recipe

    Hair Masks

    Hair masks that contain protein-rich ingredients help strengthen hair. You can make hair masks out of mayonnaise and egg, which are rich in protein. They help strengthen hair and repair damage. Hair masks hydrate hair as well, to make it more elastic and resilient against damage.


    Conditioners are good for hair that needs protein. It does not only replenish protein to hair, conditioner provides moisture as well. Protein conditioner restores the balance of protein and moisture to prevent dry and rough hair texture. Pair up protein shampoos with a quality protein conditioner to get great hair. Discover how protein conditioner can transform your tresses from the page below.

    Don’t just cut off damaged hair ends! Protein shampoos might be able to save your hair before it’s too late. They can restore the strength and shine of your hair through regular use. Remember to keep the balance of moisture and protein to achieve lustrous hair!

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