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Use Organic Shampoo for Healthier Hair and Scalp


Your hair may look shiny and smooth after cleansing but if frizziness, breakage, and hair loss are common hair concerns, then it’s time for you to consider changing the types of shampoo that you use. Regular shampoo often contains chemicals such as sulfate that give it cleansing properties. However, they may be too harsh on hair. Some of these chemicals can cause irreparable damage to scalp too. They can damage follicles to slow down or completely stop hair growth. To restore hair health, use organic shampoos from top brands.

Organic ingredients in shampoo

Organic shampoos do not contain chemicals. Instead, they use various botanical ingredients to nourish hair from roots to tips. This type of product promotes healthy hair growth too. Organic shampoo is safer and healthier for your hair since it contains organic extracts. By using a shampoo made from purely organic formula, you can bring back the shine and strength of your hair just with regular use!

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    What is Organic Shampoo

    An organic shampoo uses purely organic ingredients in its formula. Compared to regular shampoos that contain chemicals, this type of shampoo uses plant-based ingredients as an alternative. Most regular shampoos contain chemicals that make them produce soap or lather that can help cleanse hair and scalp. The shampoo that you use today started with organic formulas. These products evolved through research and science.

    Organic ingredients

    Organic shampoos do not contain an ounce of chemical or synthetic ingredient in order to keep your hair and scalp healthy. They contain extracts, oils, and naturally derived nutrients to stimulate your scalp for hair growth. Ingredients used should remain organic from the growing of crops up until the manufacturing of the product. This means that no pesticides or artificial fertilizers must be used. It is important to keep the ingredient fresh and clean as much as possible.

    Organic shampoos restore your hair to its natural form. They help improve its overall health and appearance as well. There are many benefits in choosing to use an organic shampoo instead of a regular one. Most organic shampoos produce better results in hair care routines too.

    Why Use Organic Shampoo

    Consumers are now more aware that chemical-based hair products are harmful to your body. Your scalp absorbs the ingredients that you introduce to it. Most of these chemicals are foreign to the body, and therefore, cannot be processed.  They can damage your body, disrupt its natural functions or trigger health concerns. Of course, most of these effects are not evident until years after.

    Organic shampoos are made to reduce the harmful chemicals that enter your body. Many people are not aware that paraben and other equally harmful substances are common ingredients in regular shampoos. Sulfate and preservatives have risks not only for your health but for your hair too. For some people, having naturally good hair is next to impossible. But it is often the hair products they use that can cause this.

    Long and thick hair

    Artificial surfactants were created and mixed with the shampoos that you use today. They can get rid of the oil and dirt that clings to hair. Commercial shampoos also use other types of chemicals that can make your hair smoother and shinier. However, these chemicals might just be the reason why your hair is dry and rough. They can damage the follicles and the strands as well. Lack of moisture leaves hair weaker and prone to damage. Chemicals can cling to your hair or build up on your scalp too. They inhibit the growth of healthier and shinier strands.

    Organic shampoos use surfactants that are derived from plants. They are gentler for your hair and scalp that you don’t have to worry about dryness. They help restore the health of hair follicles while strengthening the strands. The ingredients used in organic shampoos are rich in various nutrients that can improve its resilience and shine. Maintain the health and cleanliness of your hair without toxic chemicals.

    Pair up an organic shampoo with a suitable conditioner. Just like with your shampoo, you should be critical of the ingredients used in the conditioner. Follow this guide to learn about the differences among conditioners by ingredients.

    Ingredients in Your Shampoos

    Keep in mind that harmful shampoo ingredients can hide behind general terms such as fragrance and natural color. Your shampoo might contain additives and preservatives too. Reading the ingredients in your shampoo will save you from having dry and brittle hair.

    Shampoo in different containers

    Ingredients to Avoid

    Make sure to avoid shampoos that contain these ingredients:

    • Fragrance – The fragrance used in the formula of your shampoo can be a blend of various chemicals that aim to recreate a certain scent. Unless your shampoo contains essential oils that give the product natural fragrance, you should avoid this ingredient when choosing a shampoo.
    • Sulfate – Sulfate is found in various personal care products such as soap and toothpaste. This surfactant removes the oil and dirt from your hair and scalp. However, it is a common cause of irritation. Regular use of products with sulfate makes hair dry and brittle. It is also linked to human carcinogens.
    • Parabens – Paraben can prolong the shelf life of your product. However, it has harmful effects on your body. This substance is linked to various health problems. Paraben can mimic the estrogen in your body. This increases the risks of triggering the growth of breast tumors for women.
    • Formaldehyde – This is a gas often used in personal care products other than shampoo. Formaldehyde is a preservative that can irritate your skin or worse cause the formation of tumors. There are worst cases of health concerns linked to formaldehyde.
    • Phthalates – Phthalates are binding agents used in shampoos and other beauty products. However, research shows its negative effects on your health. There are different types of phthalates, but most of its variants are found to be harmful to the body.
    • Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – This ingredient can thicken the shampoos that you use. It helps carry moisture, which is essential for hair health. However, this is not as good for hair as you believe. Polyethylene glycol or PEG can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. These substances are carcinogenic. They can also harm the nervous system. It is harmful to all, especially pregnant women, to be exposed to such chemicals.
    • Artificial Color – Artificial hair color is pigment made from chemicals. They can irritate your scalp and increase its sensitivity. There are other health risks linked to artificial dyes or pigments.

    Herbs and flowers

    Ingredients to Look For

    Here are some ingredients that are good for your hair:

    • Herbs – Herbs are highly nourishing for hair and scalp. They have therapeutic effects that improve the state of your scalp. Herbs provide nourishment that makes your hair stronger and healthier too.
    • Organic Oils – You can get various benefits from using shampoos that contain organic oils. They are chock full of nutrients that repair and strengthen your hair. These oils improve the appearance of your tresses too. There are lots of organic oils that will help you fight scalp and hair concerns.
    • Botanical Extracts – Just like organic oils, botanical extracts maintain the health of your scalp while promoting the growth of stronger and shinier hair. These extracts come in various forms such as butter, juice, gel, sap or any type of liquid that are rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Plant-Derived Ingredients – Plant-derived ingredients are great alternatives to chemicals. There are many extracts and compounds found in plants that can be used instead of artificial ingredients.
    • Natural Minerals and Vitamins – Other than plants and herbs, you can also find natural vitamins and minerals used in organic shampoos. Mineral deposits such as salt, charcoal, mud, and even food. You can find a wide variety of natural minerals that are nourishing for hair.

    Benefits of Using Organic Shampoos

    The craze for organic hair products is not just a fad. You might as well get on this bandwagon in order to save your hair. Using organic shampoos for hair care routines bring many benefits. They can improve your hair and heal your scalp as well. Find out the benefits you can get when you use an organic shampoo.

    Organic shampoos

    Heals Scalp Deeply

    Most of your hair concerns are affected by the state of your scalp and hair follicles. Damaged follicles lead to weaker and brittle hair. Cutting off chemicals in hair products heals and restores the health of your scalp. Slow blood circulation and clogged hair follicles all lead to hair concerns such as brittleness, hair loss, premature greying of hair, dandruff, and more. Organic shampoos nurture your hair and help rejuvenate it for better hair growth.

    Detoxifies Hair and Scalp

    Dirt, chemicals, oil, and product residues build up on your scalp, causing damage to hair. Formulas that are not absorbed by hair and scalp are left on the surface, creating layers of grime that can block the hair follicles. Blocked follicles become thinner over time until they are completely cut off from the source of nourishment. Organic shampoos detoxify your hair and scalp, removing the buildup of these impurities. They also restore the pH and oil balance in your scalp to keep it clean and healthy. Learn the proper way of using hair products to prevent the buildup of residues.

    Restores Hair Health and Shine

    Full with nourishing extracts and oils, organic shampoos provide deep nourishment and hydration to hair and scalp. They ensure that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and beautiful. They stimulate hair repair in order to fortify the strands and reduce hair damage.

    Fights Hair and Scalp Concerns

    If you have hair and scalp concerns such as frizziness, dandruff, limp hair, hair fall or breakage, you should consider using an organic shampoo. This shampoo restores the balance to your hair and repairs it from inside out. It fights hair troubles and treats scalp concerns. The lack of chemicals in organic shampoos makes them gentler to hair and scalp.

    Brings Better and Safer Effects

    Organic shampoos are safe for your hair, scalp, body, and even for the environment. They use sustainable ingredients that cannot risk your health or pollute the environment. It might take time before you see noticeable results when you use organic shampoos. However, as you use chemical-free hair products, you are also helping your hair, scalp, and body recover from damage caused by toxic ingredients.

    How to Choose Organic Shampoos

    More brands create and offer organic shampoos suitable for your hair. However, there are still brands that can slip past regulatory agents such as FDA, who claim that their formulas are organic. Using one or more ingredients in a shampoo that still contains chemicals, does not make it organic. But there are many brands that label their shampoos organic even if it contains chemicals. Make sure that you buy an authentic organic shampoo with these tips:

    Shampoos in different containers

    1. Read labels. Make sure that you read the label of the shampoo. Look at the brand, the certification logos, the ingredients, and of course, the expiration date. It is important that you know and trust the product that you apply to your body.
    2. Learn more about the brand and its suppliers. Organic products use ingredients that are entirely organic. Find out more about the procedures of the brand and the suppliers as much as possible.
    3. Research the ingredients in the shampoo. There are various ingredients in shampoos that may not be familiar to you. It is time that you learn about them. Make sure that you understand terms that can hide the true nature of an ingredient.
    4. Find shampoos that are certified by agencies or regulators. There are regulators such as FDA, USDA, and Cruelty-Free International that filter the products claiming to be organic. They have standards for organic shampoos and once a product passes these standards, it may use their certification logos.
    5. Find out about marketing terms. There are brands that use marketing terms for shampoos to sell the idea that their product is organic. Some of these terms include the following:
      • Made with – This phrase, followed by an organic ingredient, does not mean that a product is organic. The shampoo might only contain a small amount of said ingredient. This is true especially for shampoos that use a wide selection of ingredients.
      • Free of – Just because a shampoo is free from a certain chemical or ingredient, doesn’t mean that it does not contain other harmful chemicals. You should always check the label first before determining if the shampoo is safe and effective.
      • Certified – Unless the product passes the standards of regulatory agents, the word certified should not hold any meaning.
      • Natural – Natural is not the same as organic. A natural product may contain extracts or oils that still contain traces of chemicals. There are no regulations that limit the use of natural.
      • Environmental-Friendly – Environmental-friendly products do not necessarily use sustainable ingredients. There are also no authorities that enforce standards when it comes to environmental-friendly products.
      • Dermatologist Tested – All shampoos can be tested by a dermatologist, but it does not mean that they are organic or safe to use.

    Want to get healthier and stronger hair? Start by using an organic shampoo. Look for high-quality products that will nurture your hair from roots to tips. It is not easy to find a suitable shampoo that will give you the hair you desire. Here, we list down the top shampoo brands that offer the best organic shampoos. Discover their collection of hair products and choose the best shampoo for your hair.

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