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Nourish Damaged and Frizzy Hair with Oil Shampoo


Oil shampoo might be the product that can save your hair from dryness and damage. This shampoo uses various oils as key ingredients. Oil-based shampoo is rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids that improve how hair feels and looks. This type of shampoo is different from regular shampoos that contain sulfate and other drying chemicals.

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Shampoos help cleanse hair and remove excess oil, dirt, and product buildup. However, commercial shampoos often contain chemicals that can cause dryness and hair damage. Oil shampoos are rich in essential fatty acids that protect hair from dryness. They provide moisture to make hair shinier, softer, and smoother.

Most oil shampoos contain more than one natural oil in their formula. The blend of organic oils nourishes hair and soothes scalp. Reduce frizziness, dryness, and hair damage with oil-based shampoos.

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    Oil-Based Shampoos for Daily Hair Wash

    Shampoo formulas evolved from bar soaps to liquid formulas that can nourish hair. Even back then, oils are used to make shampoo. They are rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids that are good for hair. There are various types of oils used to produce shampoos. These oils include essential oils and carrier oils.

    One of the main concerns when adding oils to shampoos is that it can dilute the formula. Oils don’t thin the formula of shampoos. Some oils even help improve the shampoo’s ability to produce lather. Even the earliest formulas of shampoos contain oils. They give shampoo nourishing and therapeutic effects. Below are the reasons why your shampoo should contain oils.

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    Essential oils and carrier oils contain a lot of nutrients that can improve how hair looks and feels. Most of the nutrients found in shampoos come from organic oils and extracts. Your hair needs vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and strong. Lack of nutrients makes hair weaker and prone to breakage. Oils, especially carrier oils, resemble the natural moisture produced by scalp. This allows the oil to seep through hair and deliver nourishment.

    The earliest formula of shampoo in India uses various organic ingredients such as herbs and oils. They mix extracts, herbs, and other organic ingredients to make shampoo. They use organic surfactant like soapberries to create foam. Soapberries contain saponins, which are substances that can make formulas lather. They are safer for hair and scalp.


    Carrier oils are very thick and come from organic sources such as plants, herbs, and trees. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that are good for hair. The essential fatty acids from carrier oils can increase lipid content on hair’s surface.

    Your hair has a natural barrier made of dead cells and oil. This barrier protects the strands from damage caused by heat, pollution, and harsh formulas. Oil shampoos cleanse your hair without stripping off the moisture. These essential fatty acids stick to hair’s surface as well. They trap water from within to maintain hair’s thickness and shine.


    Essential oils have unique scents that make them great ingredients in shampoos. A few drops of essential oils are powerful enough to give shampoos an appealing scent. Essential oils are packed with nutrients and fatty acids that can nourish hair as well. They can also soothe scalp because essential oils have therapeutic effects.

    Shampoos that use essential oils for fragrance are safer than ones that contain chemicals. Fragrance listed in shampoo labels can include a wide range of harmful chemicals. High-quality shampoos from top brands avoid using chemical fragrance to keep their formulas safe. Check out which of these brands use essential oils for fragrance in their shampoos.

    When to Use Oil-Based Shampoos

    Hair needs nutrients to stay strong and healthy. These nutrients are essential for hair growth too. Shampoos deliver nutrients directly to scalp, which helps stimulate hair growth. With proper nutrients, your hair grows thicker strands that are more resilient against damage.

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    Oil-based shampoos are great for daily hair wash. They nourish hair and protect it from dryness. However, most oil-based shampoos are made to address specific hair concerns. Find out if you need to use oil-based shampoos and how they help hair.

    Dry and Rough Hair

    Dryness and rough hair texture is the result when you use harsh shampoos. Commercial shampoos often contain chemicals that can dry your hair. One of these chemicals is SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS works well to remove excess oil and dirt from hair. However, it can strip natural oil from the strands too. If your hair tends to feel dry and rough, it is most likely because you are using shampoo that removes necessary moisture from hair.

    When you use harsh shampoos, they damage hair’s natural barrier. This natural barrier prevents damage and breakage. Oil shampoos are gentle enough to cleanse hair without causing dryness. They prevent loss of natural moisture and helps fortify hair’s natural barrier. Oil shampoos increase lipid content on hair’s surface too.

    Frizzy Hair

    Frizzy hair happens when hair cuticles lift up from the shaft. This allows air to pass through the cuticles and swell strands. Your hair is prone to frizziness if you use commercial shampoos. As they remove moisture from hair, they also damage strands’ natural barrier. This increases friction that can lift up hair cuticles. Oil shampoos have mild formulas that prevent damage to hair’s natural barrier.

    Oil in these shampoos coats the strands and fills in gaps between cuticles. They also make cuticles lay flat to the surface of hair strands. This reduces risk of frizziness and dryness.

    Damaged Hair

    Damaged hair has less elasticity and high porosity. This leads to excessive breakage. Split ends are signs of damaged hair. If you have damaged hair, avoid using shampoos that contain drying chemicals. Oil shampoos are gentle enough that they don’t dry hair. They deliver nutrients that can strengthen hair as well. Most of all, oils in shampoos help repair hair damage such as split ends and breakage.

    Curly and Kinky Hair

    Curly and kinky hair are very dry and brittle. They are more prone to damage and breakage than other hair types. One of the best ways to cleanse curly and kinky hair is to use non-foaming shampoos. Oil shampoo is the perfect choice. It contains a small amount of surfactant that can remove dirt and product buildup from hair. Shampoos that have a high percentage of oil content help hydrate hair to prevent dryness. Below, you’ll learn which shampoos work for your curly hair and how to choose the perfect product.

    Benefits of Oil Shampoos for Hair

    There are benefits when you use oil-based shampoos. Since they are gentler on hair and scalp, you can use them daily. This will make your hair stronger and more lustrous too. Below are the benefits you can get when you use oil-based shampoos.

    Soft and shiny looking hair

    Stimulates Hair Growth

    Oils have therapeutic effects that soothe scalp to reduce inflammation and irritation. One of the main causes of hair fall is inflamed scalp. When your scalp gets inflamed, hair follicles become thinner. This makes it harder for hair to receive nourishment. Oil shampoos remove product buildup and unclog hair follicles. They stimulate hair follicles and deliver nourishment directly to hair roots. This can improve the rate at which your hair grows.

    Strengthens Hair

    Using oil shampoos make your hair grow stronger and thicker. They help nourish your hair and strengthen it too. Some oils contain protein that can improve hair resilience. Protein supports the structure of your hair. The various nutrients from oil shampoos prevent hair damage to reduce brittleness too.

    Conditions Hair

    Essential fatty acids in oil shampoos increase lipid content on strands. Lipid is what attracts water to hair’s surface. They trap the water from within the strands too. Increased lipid content helps retain moisture on hair for a long time. To get better results, use conditioners suitable for your hair type. Learn how to choose conditioners that work well with oil shampoos for long-lasting moisture.

    Best Oils Used in Shampoo Formulas

    There are oils commonly used in shampoo formulas because they have great benefits. They are not only rich in essential fatty acids, these oils may help repair hair damage too. Learn more about these oils and how they improve your hair:

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    • Castor Oil – Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids, especially ricinoleic acid. It is a common ingredient in hair loss shampoos due to its DHT-blocking properties. Castor oil delivers protein to hair, which helps strengthen strands as well.
    • Argan Oil – Argan oil is a great ingredient for shampoos that can repair hair damage. It is rich in essential fatty acids that help improve hair’s strength, shine, and volume.
    • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is the oil with the most resemblance to hair’s natural moisture. It absorbs well into strands, which increases moisture and prevents dryness. Jojoba oil contains various nutrients as well, to nourish hair.
    • Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil soothes irritated and inflamed scalp. It helps stimulate hair follicles as well, which improves hair growth.
    • Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has one of the most powerful bactericidal activities. Most shampoos that contain tea tree oil are made for those who suffer from dandruff and lice infestation.

    These are just some of the best oils that your shampoo should contain. Discover more oils that can improve your hair at the page below.

    Restore hair’s strength and luster with oil shampoos. They are rich in nutrients and moisture that helps improve how hair looks and feels. Find the best shampoo for your hair to prevent damage and breakage. Oil shampoos will give you shinier and stronger hair!

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