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Growing long and healthy hair is an issue especially if you suffer from hair loss and brittleness. Stunted hair growth is another concern for damaged hair. One of the best types of shampoo that can restore hair health is castor oil shampoo. It nourishes and stimulates your scalp to grow healthy and shiny hair.

Castor oil shampoos and other products

Castor oil is a common ingredient in hair products. It has notable therapeutic effects that improve scalp and hair health. Hair breakage can make hair thinner and lose volume. It is a sign that your tresses are not receiving enough moisture and nutrients. Excessive hair fall and frizzy strands are signs that you need to change your shampoo immediately. Switching regular shampoo to castor oil shampoo might just do the trick.

Castor oil is a good product to use in hair care. It has many benefits that help improve hair growth. It stimulates the scalp for better blood circulation, which ensures that your hair is receiving enough nourishment. Discover more benefits of using castor oil shampoo and how it works.

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    Top 10 Best-Selling Castor Oil Shampoo

    Grow strong and shiny hair with the best castor oil shampoo. If you are prone to hair breakage, try using castor oil shampoos to improve hair resilience[1]. It has many benefits that restore hair to its former glory. Dry, brittle, and weak hair is more prone to damage. To prevent hair breakage, you need a gentle and nourishing shampoo. Castor oil shampoo provides nutrients and protein to strengthen hair. It helps detoxify scalp to de-stress hair too.

    Dark-colored castor oil

    Here are the top 10 best-selling castor oil shampoos and why they are good for you:

    • Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo

    Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo is an absolute favorite of consumers. It has many benefits for hair including an effective solution against hair breakage. The formula makes hair stronger to battle early signs of hair loss. It works for all hair types and is even safe to use on color-treated hair. The shampoo helps hydrate hair to protect it from dryness and brittleness. Shiny Leaf made use of castor oil’s powerful effects to give hair extra shine and softness.

    • ArtNaturals Black Castor Oil Shampoo

    ArtNaturals Black Castor Oil Shampoo helps grow healthy hair. It improves hair strength to make it more resilient against damage. ArtNaturals’ castor oil shampoo stimulates the scalp for better circulation. It provides moisture to make hair soft and smooth too. This shampoo has a gentle formula that will relieve hair dryness.

    • SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

    SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo uses other organic ingredients to enhance its wonderful effects on hair. The formula contains shea butter, peppermint extract, and apple cider vinegar. This powerful blend helps repair hair damage and dryness. It delivers nourishment from roots to the tips of hair too.

    • Proclaim Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

    Color and chemically-treated hair are more prone to damage. It tends to get brittle too. Proclaim Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo is great for preventing hair damage. It has a gentle formula perfect for cleansing brittle hair. The shampoo delivers moisture and nutrients to strands to restore hair health.

    • Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Pure Clarifying Shampoo with ACV

    Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture castor oil shampoo is free from sulfate and other toxic ingredients. It contains apple cider vinegar, which blends well with castor oil to restore the balance of pH levels on scalp. This helps keep the scalp clean and healthy. It improves the absorption ability of hair to make sure that it receives enough moisture too.

    Woman pulling wavy ginger hair

    • June Milnrow Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

    This black castor oil from June Milnrow helps strengthen hair so it becomes tougher and able to withstand damage. It improves the thickness and strength of hair too. This treatment shampoo is good for treating dandruff and soothing itchy scalp. The formula is rich in omega fatty acids that help provide moisture and other healing properties for hair and scalp.

    • Kreyol Essences Haitian Black Castor Oil Growth Shampoo

    Cleanse hair effectively with Haitian Black Castor Oil Growth Shampoo from Kreyol Essences. It uses nourishing ingredients such as castor oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. There are other extracts used to create the formula too. This shampoo helps promote the growth of healthy and strong hair.

    • Calily Life Shea Butter Shampoo + Conditioner with Dead Sea Minerals and Castor Oil

    Don’t let hair suffer from damage. Bring back its shiny and soft texture with this set of castor oil shampoo and conditioner. They strengthen hair to prevent dryness and brittleness. Both formulas contain various extracts and organic ingredients to provide nourishment and other therapeutic effects for scalp and hair.

    •  Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

    For dry and brittle hair, Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are just perfect. They help deliver extreme hydration to strands to prevent breakage. The products make hair smoother so it detangles easily too. They do not contain sulfate and paraben, making them safe to apply to hair daily.

    • B’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Herbal Conditioner Shampoo

    You don’t have to get dry and rough hair after shampooing. With B’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Herbal Conditioner Shampoo, hair feels smoother to the touch. The shampoo helps smooth out the layer of cuticles and seal them to prevent split ends or breakage. The special blend of various organic ingredients hair too.

    Difference of Black Castor Oil and Cold Pressed Castor Oil

    Castor oil is a product commonly found in many households. Its various uses make it very useful especially for personal care. Other than cold pressed castor oil, there are other types of castor oil[2] used in making skin or hair care products. Jamaican black castor oil is a popular type of oil used especially in hair care. Find out what makes black castor oil different from pure cold pressed castor oil and its benefits.

    Cold pressed castor oil in a clear bottle

    Methods of Extraction

    Pure cold pressed castor oil is extracted from castor seeds[3] and has many known benefits due to the rich amount of nutrients and vitamins that it contains. Cold pressed castor oil is extracted without using heat or solvents. The seeds are pressed to extract the oil. The oil goes through filtration to remove the sediments. Cold pressing helps preserve the quality and nourishing compounds of the oil.

    On the other hand, in making black castor oil, the castor seeds are roasted first. The ash from castor seeds gives the oil a dark color. This practice is a common practice in Jamaica, which gave the oil its name – Jamaican black castor oil.

    Characteristics of the Oils

    Pure castor oil has a pale yellow color and a thick consistency. For cold pressed castor oils, it is common to see sediments at the bottom of the bottle. Cold pressed castor oils can be filtered to remove the sediments or pollutants in the oil. It has a slight nutty scent as well.

    Jamaican black castor oil has a darker color. It may appear to look like a translucent black liquid sometimes. Roasting the seeds enhance both the color and scent.


    Pure cold pressed castor oil is said to be the best oil used for skin and hair. This is because of its high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Since changes in temperature and using solvents can affect the nutritional content of the oil. Jamaican castor oil has noticeably higher pH level, which is good for skin and hair.


    Both pure castor oil and black castor oil have benefits for skin and hair. However, only pure castor oil is safe to ingest in small amounts[4]. Black castor oil is popular in hair care because of its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

    How Castor Oil Shampoo Works

    Castor oil is uniquely abundant in ricinoleic acid, a nourishing substance known for having great therapeutic effects. The oil is rich in other nutrients that are good for hair and scalp, including protein. Castor oil shampoos are formulated to help promote stronger hair growth. They also help reduce hair loss, which is a common concern amongst men and women.

    Man getting his hair shampooed

    Castor oil shampoo cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly to get rid of the dirt, flakes, and excess oil. It stimulates scalp and provides nourishment to hair as well. Shampoo that contains castor oil soothes the scalp with its anti-inflammatory properties. It unclogs hair follicles and helps fortify the roots of hair. The protein in castor oil[5] strengthens the strands. The protein that it contains support healthy hair growth.

    Castor oil shampoos help repair damaged hair too. It fills the gaps between cuticle layers to prevent hair from getting brittle and dry. The essential fatty acids in the oil improve the moisture retention ability of the strands to keep it soft and smooth all day long.

    To learn more about castor oil shampoo for your hair type, visit this page for some tips. Find out how to pick the right shampoo for your hair and how to use it properly.

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    Other Common Ingredients in Castor Oil Shampoo

    Castor oil works well with other organic ingredients that help promote healthy hair growth. When combined with various extracts and herbs, castor oil shampoo has enhanced effects for both hair and scalp. Here are other common ingredients used in castor oil shampoos[6]:

    • Shea Butter

    Shea butter is highly moisturizing, which helps prevent dryness and breakage. It improves the thickness of the strands and makes hair more resilient. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which help with scalp conditions to allow healthy hair growth. Shea butter reduces scalp and hair dryness.

    • Natural Proteins

    There are various types of natural proteins good for hair. Egg white and quinoa protein are some of them. They are used in castor oil shampoos as well to increase the strength of hair. They are safe for scalp too since they are natural.

    Peppermint oil

    • Rosemary Oil

    Other than castor oil, rosemary oil is another popular oil used to treat hair loss. It stimulates hair growth while helping treat hair loss. The oil increases cellular metabolism, ensuring that hair repairs itself well. Rosemary oil is good for treating dandruff and dry scalp too. The oil can help prevent premature greying of hair as well.

    • Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint oil relieves scalp from any dirt and excess oil. It stimulates blood flow on scalp as well to ensure that hair follicles are healthy. This factor contributes to stronger and healthier hair. There are studies that found that peppermint oil is effective in speeding up hair growth.

    Here are other essential oils that are healthy for your hair! Discover their benefits and how you can use them to get long and strong tresses.

    More Benefits of Using Castor Oil

    Castor oil shampoo reduces hair loss while promoting healthy hair growth. However, these are not the only benefits of castor oil. Here are other ways that castor oil shampoo can improve hair:

    • Repairs hair damage such as split ends and high porosity. Castor oil is rich in proteins necessary for hair growth. It seals the cuticle layers and fills the gaps in between to improve its thickness, strength, and luster. Hair with high porosity is prone to breakage.
    • Controls hair production on scalp. Excessive oil production or the lack of it is not good for scalp. They can cause dandruff, dryness, or make hair dull. Castor oil regulates oil production on scalp to keep it healthy.
    • Improves health and appearance of hair. Castor oil is very useful in hair care since it provides nourishment that improves hair health. The oil helps make hair shinier and smoother too. Regular use of castor oil shampoos leaves hair softer and more manageable.

    Happy woman with shiny and smooth hair

    The benefits that castor oil has for your hair are wide-ranging. You can enjoy having a healthier and stronger hair just by using the castor oil products regularly. Conditioners that use castor oil are the perfect follow-up to castor oil shampoo. The combined power of shampoo and conditioner will restore the strength of hair and give it extra shine and volume.

    To get the full benefits of castor oil shampoo, make sure to buy a high-quality product from the best shampoo brands. We listed the best brands that offer top castor oil shampoos that are effective and safe to use. Grow long and beautiful tresses that can withstand damage with the best shampoo for your hair type.

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