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Biotin Shampoo

Biotin Shampoo for Stronger Hair that Shines


Not all types of shampoo can nourish your hair. Some can damage your hair to the point of no return. When you use harsh shampoos, your hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage. Your hair is more likely to become frizzy due to increased dryness too. If breakage and frizziness are major hair concerns, biotin shampoo is the one for you.

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Biotin shampoo helps strengthen hair and make it more resilient. Biotin is one of the essential nutrients your body and hair needs. It helps promote healthy hair growth. Using biotin shampoo will not speed up hair growth. Its job is to stimulate hair follicles so they grow healthier, thicker, and stronger strands. Biotin helps fortify individual strands as well so they can withstand damage. Shampoo infused with biotin and other hair-nourishing ingredients can reduce damage and breakage. Discover what biotin shampoo is and what other benefits it provides for hair.

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    What is Biotin

    Biotin is a B-vitamin complex also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It helps convert food to energy. Biotin helps maintain healthy skin and hair too. This vitamin helps metabolize carbohydrates and amino acids. It is essential in the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose too. Biotin is what helps create energy for your body.

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    Biotin is naturally found in your body. You can get your recommended daily intake from different kinds of food like lean meat, fish, vegetables, mushroom, and egg yolks. Having a balanced diet ensures that you get all the biotin your body and hair need. Make sure that you stock up on superfood that can nourish your hair from within. Check out this blog to find out which food can help grow healthier and stronger hair.

    Biotin deficiency is rare because adults only need around 300 micrograms daily. Pregnant women need 350 micrograms daily because they are at risk of biotin deficiency. If you are taking supplements, you don’t have to worry about an overdose because your body flushes out excess biotin. Biotin dissolves in water, which is why your body can flush it out.

    Biotin is important in the maintenance of the entire body. It helps metabolic functions to convert nutrients to energy. In the same way, biotin also converts amino acids to keratin, which is a protein that makes up hair. Biotin improves the infrastructure of keratin to prevent hair from getting brittle and weak. For more information about keratin and how it improves hair, check out this page.

    Biotin’s Role in Hair Growth

    There is no evidence suggesting that biotin makes your hair grow. However, biotin deficiency has one notable symptom – hair getting brittle and prone to breakage. This shows that biotin can affect the health and strength of your hair. Biotin does not play a direct role in hair growth. However, it can determine hair’s strength and resilience.

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    Biotin metabolizes amino acids, which helps create keratin, the hard protein that makes up hair. This vitamin affects cell renewal as well. The root of your hair is connected to the blood vessels that provide nourishment. It creates more cells and keratin, which makes hair grow. Hair is pushed as it grows, making it longer. Biotin is an essential part of this process as it helps produce amino acids. Amino acids are converted into keratin.

    With increased keratin production, hair grows healthier, thicker, and stronger. Biotin also helps improve blood circulation on scalp to carry oxygen and nourishment to hair follicles as well. Discover more about keratin and how it helps hair growth at the page below.

    How Biotin Shampoo Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

    With great hair comes great responsibility. It is important to maintain healthy hair with a suitable hair shampoo. Biotin shampoo is gentle and effective on all hair types. It does not only cleanse hair, it nourishes the strands and improves their strength as well. Here’s how biotin shampoo helps hair grow strong and healthy.

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    Strengthens Strands

    Shampoos that contain biotin strengthen hair to prevent breakage and damage. It supports keratin, which is a protein that makes up your hair. Keratin deteriorates due to use of harsh shampoos, pollution, sun damage, and exposure to too much heat. The natural barrier of hair weakens, making the strands prone to breakage. This leads to brittle and damaged hair.

    Biotin shampoo strengthens the strands from within and stimulates production of more keratin. This helps improve the resilience of hair and its surface. It ensures that the outer layer of hair made from keratin can withstand pollution and sun damage.

    Fortifies Hair’s Natural Barrier

    Your hair has a natural barrier that does not only protect the shaft but the water content on strands too. Hair becomes dry and brittle fast when your hair does not have a natural barrier. The natural barrier protects the lipids that bind the water on hair shaft. When lipids get lost, your hair gets dry, dull, rough, and thin.

    Biotin in shampoos can fortify the natural barrier of your hair so it becomes more resilient against damage. It protects the lipids on your hair, therefore, retaining more moisture. Biotin shampoo improves moisture retention as well.

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    Cleanses and Soothes Scalp

    Shampoos can directly deliver nourishment to follicles. It stimulates hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. Shampoos cleanse hair and get rid of excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oil on scalp. These impurities can build up and block hair follicles. This prevents hair from receiving full nourishment. Shampooing unclogs hair follicles and soothes scalp.

    Scalp becomes inflamed often as well. Inflammation can cause hair follicles to shrink. A biotin shampoo soothes the scalp and opens up hair follicles. As it prevents follicles from shrinking, it ensures that your hair receives full nourishment too.

    Common Ingredients Found in Biotin Shampoo

    Biotin shampoo often contains other ingredients that nourish hair. Below are some of the best ingredients found in biotin shampoo:

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    • Hydrolyzed wheat protein is an ingredient often mixed together with biotin. It has amino acids, which helps produce more keratin for hair. Hydrolyzed wheat protein gives hair extra volume and shine. It penetrates hair and improves the thickness of fibers from inside.
    • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Did you know that sun damage can cause hair to deteriorate faster? Vitamin E prevents free radicals, which helps maintain healthy hair.
    • Jojoba Oil provides various types of nutrients and minerals that are good for hair. It delivers vitamins C, B, and E. It also has copper and zinc, which improves nourishment and blood circulation on scalp. Jojoba oil makes hair look thicker and fuller as well.
    • Argan Oil has high levels of essential fatty acids. It moisturizes hair and improves its ability to retain water content. Argan oil prevents brittleness and breakage. It strengthens the strands and improves hair elasticity.
    • Hydrolyzed silk protein is a great ingredient in shampoo as well. It helps build keratin for stronger hair strands. Hydrolyzed silk protein improves the elasticity of hair as well as provide natural barrier for the strands. It reduces breakage and hair damage. Protein plus biotin is a great combination that can reduce brittleness and porosity.

    With biotin shampoo, you can get the hair that you deserve – stronger, shinier, and fuller. Find the best shampoo for your hair here at our top ten pages. Our lists of top ten shampoos narrow down the choices to the best. Discover the best shampoo that makes your hair shine the most!

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