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Keep Your Hair Lustrous with Alcohol-Free Shampoo


There are many ingredients you should avoid when choosing the perfect shampoo for your hair type. Among these ingredients is alcohol. Alcohol is very drying and shampoos that contain this ingredient can leave your hair feeling rough and parched. If you have dry and damaged hair, the best types of shampoo you should use are alcohol-free shampoos.

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A shampoo that does not contain alcohol is not necessarily good for your hair. This does not mean that the formula is not harsh for your hair. However, alcohol is one of the primary reasons why hair gets dry and brittle over time. Continued use of the product can lead to breakage. To keep your hair soft and lustrous, make sure to use an alcohol-free shampoo. Follow these tips to get your hands on high-quality shampoo that brings the best out of your hair!

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