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Shampoo for Curly Hair

Choose the Best Shampoo for Curly Hair


Gorgeous curls frame your face but they can feel rough against your skin when you don’t use the right shampoo. Curly hair is often dry and rough. This is due to the lack of moisture. The strands become brittle over time. This makes it easier for hair to break and fall. Curly hair has great shape and volume that makes it unique. You can keep it lush and voluminous when you use a suitable shampoo for the hair type.

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Curly hair is dry enough to warrant moisturizing formulas even when you are just washing your locks. Regular shampoos you can buy on the market might be too harsh on hair. When choosing shampoos, make sure you avoid harsh ingredients. Look for shampoos that use botanical extracts and oils. They will moisturize curly hair so it feels softer and smoother. You should try SLS-free shampoos as well. They cleanse hair effectively without making it dry.

If you are tired of having dry and frizzy curls, find the right shampoo. Discover what kind of shampoo is the right one for your hair type.

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    Learn More About Curly Hair

    There are different hair types characterized by different textures and shapes. Curly hair is a unique hair type due to its shape. Its most unique characteristic is the “S” shape of the strands. The curls of each strand can become tighter, which forms spirals or coils.

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    Curly hair is drier and more brittle compared to other hair types. Your scalp produces natural oil called sebum. This oil travels from the scalp to moisturize the entire length of the strands. However, due to the tight coils, moisture can’t reach the entire length of strands. This leaves your hair very dry and brittle. Below, you’ll find out about curly hair’s unique characteristics and why they matter when choosing the right shampoo.


    Hair texture refers to the density of the strands. There are fine, medium, and coarse hair textures. Curly hair can vary in texture. Coarse hair means that the strands are thick. On the other hand, fine hair has very thin strands that you can barely feel. Medium hair texture falls between coarse and fine texture.

    Make sure that you use a shampoo designed for your hair texture. Below, you’ll find out what shampoo is best for your hair texture:

    • Coarse Hair – Coarse hair texture is very thick. This hair texture is considered the strongest among all hair types. This is due to your hair’s abundance of protein, making the strands more resilient against damage. Coarse hair texture needs moisture more than protein. Moisture helps keep the strands soft, smooth, and elastic. Using protein shampoos can make it more brittle and dry. Look for moisture-rich shampoos to soften coarse curly hair.
    • Medium Hair – Medium hair is not thin or thick. This is a normal texture for most hair types. Medium hair texture is resilient against damage but can hold chemical treatments well. This hair texture reacts well with moisture and protein. It can withstand the cleansing properties of most regular shampoos.
    • Fine Hair – Fine hair has very thin strands that are prone to breakage. Using drying shampoos make this hair type very frizzy. If you have fine hair, you should use protein shampoos to make it stronger. Protein shampoos improve the resilience of the strands so they don’t break easily. If you want to know more about protein shampoos, check out the page below.

    Dry and brittle looking hair


    Elasticity is your hair’s ability to stretch and bounce back into its original shape. It also helps retain the shape of your curls. There are various factors that affect your hair’s elasticity. Lack of hydration makes your hair less elastic. When your hair loses elasticity, it can break easily when stretched. Your curls might lose definition too. This gives you limp, loose curls that look frizzy.

    If you want to maintain your hair’s elasticity, use shampoos that are rich in moisture. They make your hair more resilient so you can reduce breakage. Elastic hair is easier to manage as well. It doesn’t lose shape as easily as brittle hair. In this case, you might want to use oil-based shampoos. Find out what makes oil-based shampoos good for your hair.


    Porosity affects the ability of your hair to retain hydration. When your hair has high porosity, the strands absorb more water. However, they can make the moisture evaporate faster too. Having low porosity hair is not good either. When your hair has low porosity, it can’t absorb enough moisture, which makes hair drier and more brittle. Find the right balance between moisture and protein if you want to improve hair’s porosity.

    Challenges of Washing Curly Hair

    Curly hair can become really dry and frizzy due to lack of moisture. Shampooing dries your hair more when you use products that contain drying chemicals like detergents. SLS is one of the main ingredients that can dry your hair. It damages your hair’s natural barrier, making it prone to breakage.

    Washing your hair can cause various hair concerns. You can prevent them when you use the right type of shampoo. Below, you’ll find the challenges you may experience when you wash curly hair.

    Shampoos Can Make Hair Dry

    Shampoos that contain drying ingredients such as SLS can make your hair dry. SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is considered as detergent that strips moisture from hair. Using shampoos that contain SLS might make your hair feel squeaky clean. However, this is not a good thing. Having squeaky clean hair means that it lacks moisture. Your hair should feel silky smooth after washing it. Make sure that you avoid SLS or other drying detergents in your shampoo.

    Hair Breaks Easily

    Since curly hair is very dry and brittle, washing it can cause breakage. The lather of shampoos strip strands off moisture. This makes it prone to breakage. The softest touch often makes the strands break into two. You can prevent it when you use pre-poo conditioners. Pre-poo conditioners are oils that you apply to hair before shampooing. They strengthen your hair’s natural barrier so the strands don’t break easily.

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    Curls Become Loose

    Your curls are unique because of their natural gorgeous shape. However, your curls lose definition when you use drying shampoos. Your hair’s elasticity affects the definition of your curls. The less elastic your hair becomes, the more your curls lose definition. You can prevent it if you condition your hair to retain moisture for a long time. You should avoid using drying shampoos. Instead, opt for zero lather formulas.

    Hair Gets Frizzy

    Frizzy hair is not only messy. It can get tangled and damaged as well. Frizziness is a sign of hair damage. This is a common effect when you use harsh shampoos. If you often have frizzy hair, switch your shampoo to moisturizing ones. Moisturizing shampoos help retain the water content on your hair to prevent frizziness. It makes the strands smoother too. This leaves hair softer and more manageable.

    Choosing the Right Shampoo for You

    Hair damage happens when you use the wrong products on your hair. Curly hair has specific needs that you should consider when you choose your shampoo. There are ingredients that can help your hair a lot and ones that can cause damage too. Make sure that you cleanse your hair with the right shampoo.

    Consider What Your Hair Needs

    There are three types of curly hair including 3A, 3B, and 3C. The coiled strands in these hair types become tighter, increasing their dryness and brittleness. Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean that it is the same as others. Your hair might have a different texture. Curly hair can vary in elasticity and porosity too.

    When you are choosing shampoos, consider the characteristics of your hair and what it needs. Do you suffer from hair and scalp issues? You should take them into account. Avoid ingredients that can make your hair and scalp concerns worse.

    Go SLS-Free

    Not all types of sulfate are harmful. However, since you have curly hair, which is very dry, you might want to avoid specific types of SLS. SLS is the ingredient you must avoid at all cost. SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh detergent found in commercial shampoos. SLS strips moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Go SLS-free when you choose your shampoo. There are alternatives like natural surfactants that are gentler on hair.

    Natural surfactants such as soapberries and derivatives of vegetable oils are safer and gentler on curly hair. There are many brands that use these surfactants in their shampoos.

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    Try Co-Washing

    Co-washing is a method used by women with curly or natural hair. When you co-wash your hair, you use conditioners instead of shampoos. Some conditioners contain a small amount of surfactant that help cleanse hair. Conditioners prevent dryness and make your hair feel smoother to the touch. Co-washing is a great method that can help your hair stay soft and smooth. Discover which of these conditioners work for your hair.

    Choose Oil-Based Shampoos

    Oil-based shampoos cleanse hair without making it dry. They are rich in moisture and nutrients that improve the hydration of your hair so it stays strong and shiny. There are various types of oils that cleanse and condition your hair at the same time. These oils can become key ingredients in shampoos, which helps give the formula nourishing properties.

    Find the Balance between Moisture and Conditioner

    When you use the wrong shampoo, your hair can suffer from either lack of protein or moisture. Protein makes up your hair, which is why it is an essential nutrient in shampoos. However, too much protein leaves your hair dry and brittle.

    Protein strengthens hair cuticles to protect the strands from damage. It helps reduce breakage and hair damage. However, this also prevents hair from absorbing moisture.

    When you look for shampoos, choose ones that help balance protein and moisture on hair. Avoid using protein shampoo if you have coarse hair. It can make the strands tougher, which prevents moisture from absorbing into the strands. Coarse hair needs hydrating shampoos that provide moisture and not protein. If you have fine and brittle curly hair, protein shampoo is the right one for you.

    Methods of Washing Hair

    There are various ways of washing curly hair. Due to its dryness and brittleness, washing your hair wrong can instantly cause damage. There are suitable shampoos for your hair as well. Hair damage can show up in various ways from simple split ends to worse cases like hair fall. Yes, your hair can break and fall easily when you don’t wash it right. Below, you’ll find the best ways how to wash your hair and products you should use.

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    Co-wash is the method where you wash your hair using a conditioner. Some types of curly hair are too dry and brittle, which makes them break easily when shampooing. Conditioners contain a small amount of surfactant that can help remove dirt and flakes from hair and scalp. Here’s how you co-wash:

    1. Wet hair using lukewarm water.

    Make sure to wet your hair really well. Massage your scalp to remove flakes trapped within. Using lukewarm water helps protect hair from dryness. Hot water can remove necessary moisture from hair.

    2. Apply conditioner on hair.

    Make sure that you apply conditioner all over hair. You can part hair into sections when you apply the conditioner. Let it sit on your hair for 2-3 minutes.

    3. Rinse off using lukewarm water.

    Wash off conditioner from hair using lukewarm water. Massage scalp to remove flakes and excess product. You can dry your hair after. Do not rub it with a towel. Use a t-shirt to wrap around your hair. This will help absorb moisture.

    Wash-and-Go Method

    Wash-and-go method is all about keeping your hair as natural as possible. You do not use products that can alter its shape or texture. All you have to do is cleanse and condition. You let your hair take its natural shape and get dry. This helps define your natural curls while preventing damage to hair.

    Shampoo is one of the most essential hair products you need. It helps maintain your hair’s cleanliness, shine, texture, and strength. If you want to bring out your hair’s natural beauty, try wash-and-go method. Visit the blog below to learn more about it.

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