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Hair Growth Shampoo

Your Guide to Hair Growth Shampoos and Their Benefits


Whether you want to grow out a haircut or just trying to get more length, you can certainly use hair growth shampoos. There are many things that contribute to your hair growth, and using the best shampoo products containing ingredients that help with thickening your hair is one of the most important factors.

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Shampoos containing ingredients that prevent hair loss, strengthen, and thicken hair improves the rate at which your hair grows. Although it isn’t always that easy, the best hair growth shampoo paired with a good hair care routine gives you the hair you want.

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    Why Use Special Shampoo for Hair Growing?

    Growing out your hair has many benefits. Long hair is a classic and versatile look because you can style it in so many ways. You can take advantage of your long hair during winter season for heat retention too. Though growing your hair out is not an easy feat, using the best hair growth shampoos[1] may make it easier. Especially when you feel like your hair suddenly stopped growing, or is taking too long to achieve the length you want, it’s time for you to take action.

    Even if your hair does not stop growing altogether, it may not be growing at the rate it should. Every strand has a growing phase of about two to eight years. It then goes through a transition phase for a couple of weeks and rests for two to four months until it finally falls from the hair follicle. Around 90% of your hair is in the growing phase at any given time. Hair grows a maximum of ½ inch a month or 6 inches a year. However, if you have an unhealthy scalp or excess oil buildup in your hair follicles, your hair growth may become stunted.

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    The best way to keep hair growing at the rate that it is supposed to or even faster than that is to have proper hair care routine. This includes the best hair growth shampoo that cleanses your scalp and encourages hair to grow. Hair can grow quicker given the right conditions.

    How Hair Growth Shampoo Works

    What hair growth shampoos do is promote growth where hair originates from or more commonly known as the scalp. Your scalp contains thousands of hair follicles. From these follicles, your hair grows out. If the follicle becomes clogged with dirt or excess oil, it won’t work efficiently. Your hair grows less than it should because there are elements blocking the hair follicle. Hair growth shampoos cleanse your scalp[2] and nourish it from within to promote a healthy scalp environment fit to grow strong hair.

    There are many properties of shampoo that help hair grow faster and appear fuller. Specific ingredients in hair growth shampoo clean scalp and promote faster hair growth. Natural herbs, oils, and organic amino acids stimulate follicles to help hair growth up to twice the normal rate. The best shampoos for hair growth also assist in enhancing the growing stage of hair to make it look and feel thicker. They add volume to hair and coat each hair strands with a protective moisture so they don’t break easily.

    You can look for other types of shampoo by ingredients. Organic ingredients do not only add nourishing properties to your shampoos. They have therapeutic effects that help prevent hair and scalp concerns too. Discover which shampoo ingredient suits your hair care needs the best. Visit the page below.

    Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

    The best hair growth shampoos that contain ingredients to nourish hair and foster growth[3] are what you need to look for on the market. Though these shampoos may not be the only thing you need to grow longer hair, it is certainly a huge help. The state of your scalp is crucial to growing hair faster and stronger. The right shampoos can take you a step forward to a better hair care routine for longer hair.

    Ingredients that Foster Better Hair Growth

    These ingredients are some of the most well-known components that encourage healthy hair growth in the scalp. Hair growth shampoos should contain an adequate amount of these ingredients to be effective. Some brands may also have created their own systems, formulas, and technology to promote hair growth. Not all of these shampoos work the same way but they may contain many common ingredients such as:

    Argan Oil – Argan oil is in many hair products because of its amazing effects on your hair. It is filled with vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that helps create longer, lusher hair[4]. The oil is rich in natural phenols that cleanse and nourish hair follicles to promote faster hair growth. Argan oil is found in many hair loss shampoos. This oil makes your hair grow thick and healthy.

    A set of natural oils used in hair growth shampoos

    Castor Oil – Castor oil is widely used for hair growth. It carries ricinoleic acid and fatty acids that improve blood circulation on the scalp to stimulate proper hair growth. This oil has cleansing properties that remove impurities in the scalp to strengthen your roots. Castor oil makes your hair smoother and shinier. There are many hair growth shampoos that contain castor oil or have this carrier oil as one of its main ingredients. Learn more about castor oil shampoo and why it is used in many hair growth shampoos in the next article.

    Peppermint Oil – Peppermint Oil is a known ingredient that can help with hair growth. When applied to the scalp, peppermint has a cooling and refreshing sensation because of menthol. Peppermint can also help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp. As blood flows properly, the nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles in the most efficient manner. These nutrients are needed for healthy hair growth.

    Biotin – Biotin helps promote healthier and thicker hair in line with your natural hair growth cycle. There are also Biotin shampoos on the market that increase hair fullness and thickness. Eggs are some of the best sources of Biotin as well as almonds, salmon, peanuts, and cheese.

    Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is a part of the B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are essential for healthy skin and hair. It can help strengthen the condition of your hair while promoting faster growth. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the health of hair follicles. Weak hair follicles result in the failure of your scalp to keep hair from falling. For stronger and longer hair, you need the adequate amount of vitamin B12 not just in hair products but also in your diet. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in meat, fish, milk, and eggs.

    Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera improves follicle health to enhance hair growth. The proteolytic enzyme helps heal the scalp and stimulates inactive hair follicles to promote hair growth. Aloe Vera is a soothing natural gel that contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe scalp irritation and keep scalp healthy.

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    How to Use Hair Growth Shampoo

    Using hair growth shampoo is just one step to getting longer hair. It still has to be done right to get maximum benefits for optimal hair growth[5].

    Some hair growth shampoos have specified instructions on how to use them. These directions are general and subject to the specialized methods of using a particular hair growth shampoo:

    1. Wet your hair thoroughly.
    2. Apply a small dollop of hair growth shampoo into your hair. Start at the scalp and work your way down to the ends of your hair. Massage the shampoo into your scalp gently with your fingertips for up to 3-5 minutes.
    3. Lather and leave on hair and scalp for another 5 minutes. Avoid washing your hair immediately. Allow the scalp to absorb the active ingredients of your hair growth shampoo. However, don’t leave it on for longer than the said time to avoid dry hair and scalp.
    4. Rinse shampoo well with warm water.

    Though it may seem like shampooing with hair growth shampoo every day is ideal, it may do more harm than good. Your scalp produces natural oils that protect the length of your strands. It helps keep hair moisturized. This is essential for growing hair. It is a good habit to wash only four to five times a week.

    Your hair strands are weakest when they are wet. Resist rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel. Hair strands can be caught in woven fibers and end up breaking. Use a soft microfiber hair towel to prevent your fragile strands from breaking even before they grow to the length you desire.

    When to Use Hair Growth Shampoo

    Using hair growth shampoo depends on your hair’s current state. If you have thin strands that break easily, a hair growth shampoo can increase your hair’s resilience against breakage. If you want more length and volume to your hair[6], a hair growth shampoo can nourish your tresses so they keep your existing hair strands strong.

    Hair growth shampoos are similar to hair loss shampoos in such a way that they both help give you strong and long tresses. Even with similar effects, they are not interchangeable. Not all hair growth shampoos may be used as a treatment for hair loss. Some hair growth shampoos may simply prevent hair loss from happening instead of actively fighting it when it has started. If you feel like you are suffering from hair loss due to the amount of hair you are losing, it is best that you look at the list for the best hair loss shampoos to find the right one for you.

    Experiencing stunted hair growth may be upsetting and frustrating sometimes, but it isn’t impossible to fix. Hair growth shampoos are a great option for men and women who are looking for longer and healthier hair. It is inexpensive and easy to use. These shampoos cleanse and protect hair to achieve optimal hair growth for long and beautiful tresses.

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