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Best Hair Products for Your Hair Care Routine


A good hair care routine should always contain the best hair shampoo and a matching conditioner. It doesn’t end there though. There are so many other hair products that you can add to your hair regimen so your tresses get the nourishment it needs and make your hair grow healthy and strong. With a bunch of hair products available in the market, picking the right ones could be tricky.

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Here you’ll find the most important things you need to know about other hair products you can use. Read on to learn about their various types, the best brand names to look for, and more fabulous tips!

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    Different Hair Products for Your Hair Care Routine

    Bottles for different hair products

    Various hair products maintain the health of the hair while providing protection against hair-damaging elements. When choosing a product for your hair routine, it’s important to look for formulas that suit your hair type and any hair concern. Each product has uses and benefits for hair. Find out more about these products that you need to include in your hair routine.

    Everyday Hair Products

    Considered as hair care staples, everyday hair products ensure that hair and scalp are clean and free from dirt and excess oils. They replenish necessary moisture to prevent hair dryness and damage as well.

    The products you put on hair affects its health and its appearance. Hair concerns happen when there is not enough nourishment and moisture for hair. Knowing more about these products, how they affect hair, and the benefits that they can provide will help you choose the product that’s right for you.

    Shampoos – The most common type of everyday hair product is shampoo. It has a cleansing formula that gets rid of dirt, oil, and flakes on hair and scalp. Shampoos have ingredients that make hair feel silky smooth. The best type of shampoo is one that does not dry hair. There are different types of shampoo you can use for any hair type and hair problem.

    Shampoo Bottle

    Conditioners – Conditioners improve the ability of hair to retain moisture while providing water content on the surface and deeper layers of hair. Conditioners make the hair cuticles stick together to prevent the moisture from escaping. The variety of conditioners affects hair differently. Some have formulas that treat hair concerns such as dry and damaged hair. Others contain formulas that give hair extra shine.

    Like any other hair care products, conditioners work best if matched with the right hair type. For straight and thick hair, light conditioning formulas are the perfect fit. Since curly and kinky hair are often dry, heavy moisturizing conditioners are the perfect product for your hair.

    There are different kinds of conditioners for different hair needs. Check out All Shampoo Review’s Conditioner page for more information about the various conditioners you can use.

    Grooming/Styling Hair Products

    Grooming and styling products keep your hairstyle in place and leave you feeling more confident about your appearance. These products shape your hair to make you look more stylish and attractive while creating a good vibe. They should not leave your hair dry and dull. There are many ways that you can style your hair depending on its type, length, and texture.

    • Hairspray

    Hairspray used to have a bad reputation for harming the environment, but it has not contained ozone-depleting chemicals since the 1970s. Today, hairspray is an essential tool if you want to keep your hairstyle intact.

    Hairspray adds hold, volume, and texture to your hair. Some hairsprays provide a strong hold while others allow hair movement.  The best hairsprays contain ingredients that nourish and repair your hair instead of damaging it.

    There are many different kinds of hairspray, but the most common distinction is aerosol and non-aerosol. Non-aerosol based sprays are best for locking in the shape of your hair; while aerosol-based sprays are for adding a finishing hold on blown-out hair.

    • Hair Gel

    Hair gel is a styling product that comes in a gel consistency. It is best to use hair gel while your hair is wet. When you don’t have time to dry your hair, this is the best product to style with. This product is not designed for dry hair since it makes dry hair sticky and coarse. They won’t suffocate your hair follicles but still provide that hold and shine. Determine the best hair gel products and choose what fits you best.

    • Hair Wax

    Another popular styling product you can try is hair wax. Hair wax controls and keeps your hairstyle in place but allows a bit of movement. It does not provide the same hold as hair gel. It allows you to re-style your hair throughout the day without adding more of the product. Hair wax is usually for short to medium length hairstyles.

    Apply hair wax on dry hair since it does not hold well on wet hair. The best hair wax shouldn’t dry out or grease up your hair; instead it should hold in style while balancing the natural oils in your hair.

    • Hair Mousse

    If you want to give your hair a light hold that won’t weigh it down, you should choose the best hair mousse. It adds volume, texture, and definition to any hair type. Apply hair mousse on damp hair before drying and styling. The product should seal in your style and smooth out hair.

    • Hair Serum

    Hair serums are silicone-based products that makes hair smooth, soft, and shiny in an instant. Hair serum protects your hair from the effects of the heat, environment, sun damage, and other pollutants. They don’t necessarily penetrate your hair; it only coats the surface of your hair. If your hair lacks luster, hair serum will give it shine. Invest in the best hair serum especially if you have dry and coarse hair.

    Hair Color Products

    Woman with long, wavy red hair

    When you need a new look or just want to have more fun with your tresses, a new hair color is the best way to go. With so many colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find a hue that works perfectly with your skin tone. Different hair colors or hair dyes affect your hair in different ways. The best hair color gives the look you want without damaging your hair.

    1. Temporary Hair Color

    Temporary hair dye adds color to your hair without changing its natural shade dramatically. It coats the outside of the hair shaft and after a couple of washes, your original shade will start to show. This type of hair color appeals to those who cannot commit to a permanent change but want to experience a new hair shade.

    2. Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    These products do not contain ammonia but last longer than temporary hair color. The color starts to fade at 6 weeks. Semi-permanent color does contain a small amount of peroxide for a subtle, but visible color enhancement. This is used to hide grey hair or enhance natural color.

    3. Permanent Hair Color

    If you are looking for hair color that will last a long time, permanent hair color is the best option for you. This hair dye often contains both ammonia and peroxide to penetrate your hair. Ammonia opens up the hair cuticle and allows the color to penetrate the hair. Peroxide, on the other hand, removes the existing color of your hair. Permanent hair color is long-lasting so it may have to be re-applied when your roots grow.

    Hair Tools

    Hair tools are products that make styling your tresses easier. They help you get the look you want in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go to the salon every time you want to have a different hairstyle. These tools may style your hair with or without heat.

    Brushes and Combs – The perfect brush and comb are essentials to a stylish hairdo. There are numerous types of brushes and combs for different hair types and different uses. You have to find the right kind of brush and comb for you. Doing so eases styling, prevents breakage, and reduces frizz. There are different bristles, shapes, and types that fit your hair type or the style you want to achieve.

    If you have thick and curly hair, a wide toothed comb is great for detangling. A paddle brush detangles wet hair and is used for blowouts. Sleek and straight hair would require a cushion nylon brush.

    Rollers and Pins – Hair rollers can turn your hair from straight to wavy, curly, or coiled. It can also define your hairstyle without using heat. There are different types of hair rollers available in the market. If you cannot be bothered with curling while you’re awake, foam or pillow-soft rollers are for you. If you want ringlets, flexi rods or cold-wave rods are the best for that style. If you want instant set and style, use hot or steam rollers. The kinds of rollers that fit you best will depend on your hair styling habits and the kind of style you want.

    Hair Straighteners – Hair straighteners are designed to give you sleek and straight hair. You can also use them to create waves and curls as well as add volume to your hair with the right know-how. The straightener’s hot and flat plates go through your hair follicles to trap moisture and take out frizz. There are many different kinds of plates on a flat iron for different texture of hair. Titanium flat irons are for thick and coarse hair. If you have fine or thin hair, use ceramic straighteners.

    Smooth, shiny, and soft hair

    Curling Irons – Just like any hair tool, the different barrel sizes and shapes of curling irons mean different results. The smaller the barrel gives you tighter curls whereas the larger the barrel creates looser curls. This tool is more complicated to maneuver than hair straighteners.

    Blow Dryers – Blow dryers use hot or normal air to speed up the hair drying process. Different types of hair require different levels of heat. Since not all blow dryers are the same, you should know which kind to use. There are ceramic dryers, tourmaline dryers, and many more.

    Hair Treatment Products

    Everyday hair products may get you through your daily hair challenge but you need the best hair treatments to restore and maintain your hair’s strength and health. When you have dry or damaged hair, treatments will penetrate your scalp and work deep within to repair damage and keep hair healthy. These hair treatments are typically applied less frequently.

    Hair Masks

    Hair masks are upgraded versions of conditioners. They contain oils, butters, and other ingredients that hydrate your hair more than your regular conditioner. The masks have more long-term benefits because they contain essential vitamins that absorbs into your scalp to nourish and treat your hair. Masks are used after shampoos and may be left on throughout the night.

    Hair Oils

    Hair Oil

    Hair oils are over-all solution to lifeless or damaged hair. It deeply cleanses your hair, reduces frizz, and prevents breakage.  The oil will coat the hair and form a protective layer so that when you style, blow-dry, or even color, your hair will not become weakened and brittle. There are many kinds of hair oils for your hair’s needs. Some hair oils are even used for styling to protect your hair from heat. Essential oils for hair are a natural way to nourish your hair for a satin smooth finish.

    Hair oils are common ingredients found in different types of shampoos. Find out which shampoo type uses hair oils in this article about the different types of shampoo.

    Top Names in Hair Products

    Great hair product brands transform your hair and make hairstyles look better. The best brands have proven effective while it gives your hair the nourishment it needs. Some product lines are type-specific, such as anti-dandruff, anti-frizz, for dry or oily hair, or even specifically for a certain kind of hair type. These top brands are those that have gained the trust of their consumers. This list of brands can help you determine which one is the best for you and your hair.

    Commercial Brands

    Commercial brands don’t differ as much as salon brands except for price and amount of ingredients. These commercial brands are often much cheaper than salon brands.

    L’Oreal Paris – L’Oreal is the leading total beauty care company in the world. They provide a variety of hair care products that make the luxury of beautiful hair affordable for all men and women.

    Pantene – Pantene promotes strong hair as the measure for healthy hair. They provide everyday hair care products as well as products for specific hair needs and type. They also have an online hair advisor to guide you in shopping for what your hair needs.

    Dove – Dove wants you to have beautiful tresses with products that will treat, repair, or maintain your hair. They believe that confidence can be gained through looking naturally beautiful. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, there is something for you in their product line.

    TRESemmé – TRESemmé offers different products from washing to styling. They create runway-worthy looks through a wide variety of products. As experts in hair texture and movement, TRESemmé wants you to feel like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Their hair care products are of salon quality without the salon price.

    Aveeno – With the most effective ingredients from nature, you can nourish and renew your hair with products from Aveeno. They have gentle, everyday hair products as well as type-specific hair products that remedy various hair issues. Their hair care formulas bring out the best in your natural hair.

    Neutrogena – Neutrogena hair care provides solutions for all hair types. They have a line of safe, mild, premium quality products that prove health equates to beauty. If you have issues such as shampoo residues or itchy scalps, Neutrogena has dermatologist recommended products for you.

    Salon Brands

    Woman having her hair washed at a salon

    Salon brands are considered to be of higher quality than the products found in your homes. They are often more expensive than regular brands as they are more concentrated and have higher levels of ingredients to produce the result you want.

    Kérastase – Satisfying the desire for exceptional hair is Kérastase’s goal. They offer a variety of salon products that are type-specific and address different hair issues. Though their salons are located mostly in Europe, their collections are made available everywhere in the world.

    Matrix – Matrix wants to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that will enhance their talent and creativity. The brand offer products for every hair need and type. Their exclusive blends offer different kinds of products for a complete in-salon or at-home hair care.

    Bumble and Bumble – Starting out as a small hair salon in 1977, Bumble and Bumble is now a major player in the hair care industry. Their signature branding is ‘rebel elegance’ which can be found on their labels and campaigns.

    Redken – Redken helps you create the look you want. Whether you want a shine enhancing blow-dry or big beachy texture, Redken has the product that best fits you. They also offer gentle silicone-free and sulfate-free products that are effective for all hair types.

    Aveda – Aveda is an environmentally conscious brand that uses naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. They have salons all over the United States and offer a range of products that can remedy any hair problem.

    Frederic Fekkai – Frederic Fekkai is a stylist and icon. He designed hair care collections that bring out the shape, volume, and natural beauty of your hair. Frederic Fekkai wants your everyday hair to be effortless through his product line. His products are salon tested and science approved.

    Natural and Organic Brands

    The market for natural and organic products has grown in recent years since consumers have become more health conscious. Natural shampoos have natural plant extracts, which offer a number of positive results. You can enjoy these natural benefits and have healthy hair without having to put your hair at risk by exposing it to chemicals.

    Moroccanoil – All Moroccanoil products are oil-infused to provide enhanced styling and hair care products. Whether you are restoring your hair or maintaining its luster, Moroccanoil has multitasking treatments for you. Their products range from shampoos to treatments for every hair type and need.

    Herbal Essences – This brand highlights the rejuvenating and renewing power of nature in their products. Herbal Essences has a variety of products and collections that will give you what your hair needs.

    Shiny Leaf – Focusing on solutions that keep you healthy, Shiny Leaf has high-quality ingredients to make hair soft and shiny. Their products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. Their hair care products contain an exclusive mix of essential oils and other hair nourishing ingredients to make sure your hair gets the maximum benefits.

    Nature’s Gate – Nature’s Gate believes in a holistic lifestyle where health and beauty coincide. Their hair care products have unique blends of herbs for a healthy hair.

    Shea Moisture – Shea Moisture has a line of hair products that are organic, natural, and sustainably-produced. They leave out ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, sulfate, and others substances that can harm your hair whenever possible.

    OGX – Approaching beauty in their way, OGX is pure and simple. They created a brand with natural ingredients that nourish hair. Majority of OGX products are sulfate-free. Though they are not gluten-free, their products are not tested on animals.

    Still not sure which products to try? Read our reviews and learn more about these brands and what they can offer.

    Where to Buy Hair Products

    Most hair care products are available online. Go to the website of the brand you want and shop for hair products there to get the best deals and discounts. If you want to choose from different products all in one website, visit e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

    Don’t make yourself vulnerable to buying from unauthorized sources. Learn about the website as thoroughly as possible. Buy from legitimate websites by doing your research.

    The beauty and cosmetics industry offers a wide variety of hair care products to improve the condition of your hair. Looking at all these hair care products must be overwhelming. It only makes sense that you focus on the products that cater to you and what your hair needs. Once you get your hair care routine right, you’re sure to have healthy hair that looks great and feels great.

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