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Find Suitable Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Hair Concerns


Just because you use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type, does not mean that they are the best products for your hair. Shampoos cleanse hair and conditioners restore the soft and smooth texture of hair. Instead of choosing shampoo and conditioner from different brands, it’s more effective to use a set of hair products. A shampoo and conditioner set provides the best care for your hair.

Various hair care products

Shampoos and conditioners must have compatible formulas. You might not know it but there are ingredients in most products that can cancel the effects of another hair product. A set of hair products can boost the effects of each formula and give greater benefits. Get soft, smooth, and shiny hair with a moisturizing conditioner that supports the effects of the nourishing shampoo. Look for the best duo of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Learn useful tips here.

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    All About Shampoo and Conditioner

    A pair of shampoo and conditioner works together to give you great-looking hair throughout the day. They make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier. Using the perfect combination of shampoo and conditioner can help make the most out of your natural hair. This is true especially if you have hair and scalp concerns. However, there is still an issue that continues to bug everyone – should your shampoo and conditioner match?

    Three containers of hair products

    Just because both shampoo and conditioner suit your hair type, doesn’t mean that they work well together. Shampoos cleanse your hair and scalp to get rid of dirt and excess oil. Conditioners restore the soft and smooth texture of your hair as they provide long-lasting moisture. Both have great benefits for your hair, especially when they support each other’s effects. Experts say that you don’t have to use hair products from the same brand except when you have hair or scalp concern.

    Choosing Suitable Hair Products

    When choosing hair products, pick those that are suitable for your hair type. Each hair type needs specific types of shampoo and conditioner that work without causing damage. Many of the products today contain chemicals and ingredients that can hurt your hair. These chemicals may not only dry your hair but cause damage as well. You can prevent hair damage when you use hair products suitable for your hair type.

    Consider Your Hair Type

    You should choose products that suit what your hair type needs. There are four different hair types and each one has characteristics you need to consider. If you have curly or kinky hair, avoid drying ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner. Look for products that are gentle on hair and does not cause damage. Below are shampoos and conditioners for each hair type:

    Straight Hair Type

    Straight hair is the shiniest and most moisturized hair type. Sometimes, straight hair can get oily. Regular shampoos and conditioners work well for straight hair.

    • Gentle Nourishing Shampoo – Choose shampoos that cleanse hair gently. Look for formulas that nourish hair and encourage healthy hair growth. Avoid harmful ingredients that can damage your hair and cause health concerns.
    • Light Conditioner – Look for light conditioners that do not weigh heavily on hair. Straight hair can get limp easily especially when it gets oily.

    Wavy hair

    Wavy Hair Type

    Wavy hair is drier than straight hair. It can get frizzy too, which is why you need gentler shampoos and hydrating conditioners.

    • Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Look for shampoo that does not contain sulfate. Silicone is another ingredient that you should avoid. It makes your hair shiny, but it can prevent the strands from absorbing moisture.
    • Frizz-Fighting Conditioner – Wavy hair is prone to frizziness, so if you want to prevent messy hair, use frizz-fighting conditioners. This type of conditioner fortifies hair’s natural barrier to prevent cuticles from lifting up.

    Curly Hair Type

    Curly hair is prone to damage and breakage. You can avoid breakage when you use gentle shampoos and hydrating conditioners.

    • Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Curly hair is really dry and brittle, which makes it prone to breakage. Avoid sulfate as much as possible. You should look for shampoos that do not contain alcohol, paraben, and silicone too.
    • Hydrating Conditioner – Curly hair can become dry really fast. Protect your hair from dryness and breakage with a hydrating conditioner. It provides long-lasting moisture, which helps hair stay moisturized.

    Kinky Hair Type

    Kinky hair is very dry and brittle. The tightly coiled strands feel rough to the touch and break easily. Strengthen your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner.

    • No Poo Shampoo – No poo shampoo does not contain any kind of surfactant. It cleanses hair, but it does not lather. This helps reduce damage caused by harsh cleansers.
    • Protein Conditioner – Protein conditioner strengthens strands and fortifies their natural barrier to protect them from breakage. You can look for keratin, protein, or biotin in conditioners.

    There are suitable shampoos for each hair type. These shampoos can help strengthen hair and protect it from damage. Find out which shampoo works best for your hair at the page below.

    Consider Any Hair and Scalp Concern

    Choose shampoo and conditioners that target hair and scalp concerns. There are products containing certain ingredients that help alleviate their symptoms. Hair concerns may range from simple dryness of hair to worst cases like hair loss. If you have dandruff, dermatitis, or irritated scalp, you should choose shampoo and conditioners that help ease their symptoms as well.

    Frizzy hair

    Why You Should Use Shampoo and Conditioner Sets

    There’s still an ongoing debate on whether you should use shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. Some experts say that it doesn’t matter if you use hair products from different brands. However, there are benefits you can get when use sets of hair products.

    You don’t get great hair just because you shower. Using suitable hair products help improve how your hair looks and feels. Gentle shampoo and hydrating conditioner are your trusted companions when taking a shower. Your shampoo does not only cleanse hair and scalp, it provides nourishment directly to hair follicles as well to encourage hair growth. However, since shampoo can remove necessary moisture from hair, you must follow up with hydrating conditioner.

    Conditioner locks in moisture to hair to prevent dryness and frizziness. Hydrating conditioners improve water retention to make your hair moisturized far longer. You can switch the order at which you apply these products. Yes, you can use conditioners before shampoos. It prevents hygral fatigue, which is a major hair concern for women with thin hair.

    Shampoo and conditioners go hand in hand. When they have different formulas, they can cancel each other’s effects. Since both products that come in sets are designed to support each other, you can get greater results. Conditioners often follow up with the effects of shampoo. There are instances when you use different types of hair products, their ingredients can create product residue.

    Product residue clings to hair and prevents strands from absorbing moisture and nourishment. They can pile up on scalp and lead to development of dandruff too.

    The complementing formulas of both shampoo and conditioner work together to alleviate hair and scalp concerns. While it is not required to use products from the same set, there are benefits you can get when you do. Use shampoo and conditioner sets to get healthier scalp and stronger hair. Below are the various types of shampoo you can use for hair issues. Learn which conditioner works better with them most.

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