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Oil Conditioner | Revive Hair for Improved Shine and Texture
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Oil Conditioner

Find Out How Oil Conditioner Moisturizes Hair Deeply


There’s nothing more frustrating than dry and frizzy hair even after using lots of conditioner. The perfect conditioner helps moisturize hair so it stays soft and smooth. Frizziness can be a sign of hair damage. One of the best conditioners you can use to improve hair texture and shine is an oil conditioner. A lot of people shy away from oil conditioners because they think that it leaves hair oily and heavy. However, this is not the case at all.

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Oils are highly absorbent. When you apply them, they absorb fast into hair without leaving any residue. They moisturize the hair deeply without making it feel heavy. Oil conditioners reduce the frizziness of hair too. It makes hair smoother and bouncier. This type of conditioner is best used for curly and kinky hair because they are really dry. Oils repair hair damage too and make your tresses more manageable. There are many benefits when you use oil conditioner for daily hair care. Find out here.

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    What Are Oil Conditioners

    Compared to chemical conditioners, there are more benefits to your hair when you use oil conditioners. Oils used to make conditioners are rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids. They have powerful conditioning properties. Most oil conditioners have nourishing effects on hair too. High amounts of essential fatty acids help condition hair for a long time.

    Coconut oil and conditioner

    Essential fatty acids have the same characteristics as the natural oil produced by scalp. This makes essential fatty acids able to seep through hair’s natural barrier. There are oil conditioners suitable for all hair types. Oil conditioners help condition hair to prevent dryness and frizziness. They reduce hair damage and repair brittle strands as well.

    Formulas may use both carrier oils and essential oils. Both types of oil have benefits for hair. Find out what makes them different and how they work for hair.

    Carrier Oils

    Carrier oils are extracted from raw ingredients rich in essential fatty acids. These ingredients include seeds, nuts, and other plants. Carrier oils have thicker consistency than essential oils. They contain a high percentage of essential fatty acids, giving carrier oils great moisturizing effects. Carrier oils are versatile and can be added to various formulas. They provide high amounts of essential fatty acids and nutrients.

    Carrier oils are very stable as well. They do not evaporate or solidify easily. Carrier oils do not oxidize easily compared to essential oils. This is why most brands use carrier oils in conditioners. The oils make the formula work better because they have sebum-like properties.

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are different from essential fatty acids. These oils are basically essences of the raw ingredient. Essential oils are very concentrated, which is why they are also very potent. Most essential oils retain aromatic compounds, giving them unique scents. It is not safe to apply essential oils directly on skin because they are too potent. Essential oils are extracted from sources typically not rich in essential fatty acids. These sources include roots, stems, leaves, and barks.

    Essential oils can be diluted using carrier oils. Carrier oils can dilute the potency of essential oils, making them safe to apply on skin. Essential oils contain vitamins that can help improve hair too.

    Different Types of Oil Conditioners

    There are various types of oil conditioners available in the market. Each of these conditioners may contain different amounts of oil. Oils are very versatile and can be added in various amounts to conditioners. Some oil conditioners are pure oils or a mixture of oils. Below are the various types of oil conditioners and how they work.

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    Oil-Based Conditioner

    Oil conditioners are designed to nourish and moisturize hair for daily wash. They use oils as key ingredient to condition hair and reduce dryness. Oil-based conditioner should be rinsed off from hair. Oil-based conditioners leave hair limp and heavy. There are chemicals used in oil-based conditioners that can cling to hair strands. They prevent water from seeping into the hair shaft.

    Oil-based conditioners are good for washing straight hair types daily. They provide enough moisture to hair without making it too limp.

    Leave-In Conditioner

    Leave-in conditioners are light enough to moisturize hair without making it too limp. This type of conditioner is also called no-rinse conditioner. Since you don’t wash off leave-in conditioners, they provide long-lasting moisture. Most formulas do not leave product residue on strands too. Leave-in conditioners make hair softer and more manageable too.

    Leave-in conditioners are perfect for wavy, curly, and kinky hair. They are hair types that need a lot of moisture to stay smooth and lustrous. You can also try this wash-and-go method to maintain natural hair’s luster.

    Deep Conditioning Oil

    Deep conditioning oils can be one type of oil or a mixture of various oils. Deep conditioning oils work like a hair mask. You apply the conditioner on hair and leave it on for minutes, hours, and even overnight. This allows the oil to work on the strands better. The amount of time the oil is left on hair, it penetrates to the deeper layers of hair shaft to increase hydration from the inside.

    Deep conditioning hair helps repair damaged strands as well. They restore hair’s soft and smooth texture without leaving any residue. You can wash off deep conditioning oils with your favorite shampoo.

    Pre-Poo Conditioner

    One of the common concerns for women who have curly and kinky hair is hygral fatigue. It happens when hair shaft expands and shrinks frequently. This wears down hair’s structure, leaving it porous and brittle. Pre-poo conditioner repairs porous hair to control the amount of moisture that the strands absorb. They help improve hair’s ability to retain moisture as well.

    When you condition your hair with a suitable oil before shampooing, you improve hair’s natural barrier. This prevents shampoo formulas from stripping down hair’s natural moisture and leaving it dry. Pre-poo conditioners can be applied on dry or wet hair. However, it’s better to apply it on wet hair to lock in the water at the strands and prevent hygral fatigue.

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    Benefits of Oil Conditioners for Hair

    Using oil conditioners has many benefits for your hair. The increased moisture and nourishment from oil conditioners help stimulate healthy hair growth. Oil conditioners repair damaged strands too. Find out what other benefits you can get when you use oil conditioners.

    Repairs Damaged Hair

    Hair damage is very common, especially for women. Women like to use heating tools and slather on styling products that can damage hair. There are various signs of hair damage such as excessive breakage, split ends, and dull hair. Oil conditioners help repair hair damage to restore lustrous hair.

    Oil conditioners repair hair’s natural barrier to protect the strands from damage. They make cuticle layers stick to the hair shaft, which prevents them from lifting up. This reduces risks of split ends and breakage. Oil conditioners fill in gaps between cuticle layers as well to strengthen the entire hair shaft. When you use deep conditioning oils, your hair can recover from damage caused by heat, pollution, and harsh chemicals.

    Improves Hair Texture

    When your hair loses moisture, it becomes rough to the touch. Damaged natural barrier exposes hair cuticles to pollution, heat, harsh chemicals, and increased friction. This can cause hair cuticles to raise from the shaft. Raised hair cuticles make your hair feel rough.

    A suitable oil conditioner reinforces hair’s natural barrier and improves its outermost layer. Oils make cuticles stick to hair’s surface, which gives hair smooth silky texture. Conditioners rich in oil help soften your tresses too.

    Gives Hair Volume

    Conditioners should moisturize hair without weighing it down. However, this seems to be the case for most commercial shampoos. It is not the moisture that weighs down hair. The chemicals and synthetic ingredients in conditioners make hair feel heavy and limp.

    Oil conditioners use carrier oils that hydrate hair. They are very thick but they absorb well into strands. They increase the strand’s thickness, which gives your hair volume. Using oil conditioners make hair softer and more manageable too.

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    Prevents Frizziness

    Frizziness happens when moisture on hair evaporates fast. This is an indicator that your hair is porous. High porosity allows air to pass through the strand’s surface and swell the strands. This creates the static texture of the strands. Frizziness is hard to manage especially if you are not using a suitable conditioner.

    Oil conditioners provide moisture that lasts long. They coat each strand in protective layers that prevent moisture from evaporating. This helps retain hair moisture, giving hair soft and smooth texture.

    Provides Long-Lasting Moisture

    Oils have the same properties as sebum produced by your scalp. When you use oil conditioners, your hair retains more water and moisture. Water refers to the water content within the hair shaft. Moisture is the lipid content on hair, which prevents water from evaporating. Water makes the strands thick, strong, and elastic. They allow hair to bend and stretch without breaking.

    Moisture binds the water to hair. It also gives the strands their smooth and soft texture. Oil conditioners improve both water and moisture content on hair. When you use them, your tresses are easier to manage.

    Strengthens Individual Strands

    Oil conditioners help strengthen individual strands as they provide moisture and nutrients. The water within hair shaft makes the strands flexible, which gives them the ability to bend without breaking. Lack of moisture on hair makes the water evaporate faster. However, oil conditioners deliver long-lasting moisture. They do not only prevent dryness but breakage as well. Pair oil conditioners with a quality oil shampoo to reduce hair damage. Here, you will learn how oil shampoos make your tresses stronger.

    Best Oils to Condition Your Hair

    There’s a wide variety of oils that you can use to condition hair. Below, you’ll find some of the best hair oils that make your hair stronger and more lustrous. Find out how they work on hair and their benefits:

    Pouring castor oil in small glass bowl

    • Argan Oil – Argan oil is rich in various essential fatty acids that moisturize hair. High-quality argan oil can repair damaged hair too. It is rich in antioxidants as well, which can protect the strands from damage caused by sun, heat, and pollution.
    • Almond Oil – Almond oil is very light on hair. It moisturizes well without making your hair feel heavy. This oil is a good leave-in conditioner that improves hair shine and softness.
    • Castor Oil – Castor oil is a good deep conditioning oil that repairs hair damage. You can apply it on scalp as well to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of thicker strands. Castor oil is rich in proteins that can strengthen your hair too.
    • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba is one of the best leave-in oil conditioners that you can apply on hair. It has the same characteristics as the natural oil produced by scalp. This helps the oil hydrate strands from within to prevent brittleness and dryness.
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil – Cedarwood essential oils is one of the best essential oils for hair. You can mix it with essential oils or conditioners to get the oil’s benefits. Cedarwood essential oil helps regulate oil production on scalp, which keeps your hair moisturized.

    There are more essential oils that have wonderful benefits for your hair. Below, we listed some of the oils that you can use to get the hair that you dream of. Check out the page to learn more.

    Your hair deserves the best conditioners that can make it shine. These oil conditioners do not only moisturize your hair. They make your tresses feel softer and stronger too. All you need is to find the best oil conditioner for your hair. Protect your hair’s shine and luster with the perfect oil conditioner.

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