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Leave-In Conditioner | Best Conditioner to Keep Hair Lustrous
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Leave-In Conditioner

Find the Best Leave-In Conditioner for Your Hair


Does your hair feel dry and rough, hours after you shower? You might not be using the right conditioner. Aside from using a suitable shampoo for hair, you need a conditioner that is made for your hair type too. If you want your hair to stay soft and smooth all day long, look for leave-in conditioners. Not all conditioners should be washed from hair. Leave-in conditioners have formulas that provide long-lasting moisture to keep your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

Lustrous wavy hair

Just because you use tons of conditioner, doesn’t mean your hair stays soft and smooth all day long. Most conditioners have rinse-off formulas that may not leave enough moisture on hair when washed off. Leave-in conditioners can help maintain hair shine and softness. For wavy, curly, or kinky hair, leave-in conditioners are important. This is because they provide heavy moisture and long-lasting hydration. Dry and frizzy hair needs conditioners that help protect them from damage during the day. Leave-in conditioners will save you from having dry and rough tresses.

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    What is Leave-In Conditioner

    Leave-in conditioners are applied on hair after you shower. They have various forms such as creams, mousse, and oils. Unlike regular conditioners, you don’t have to wash off leave-in conditioners from hair. You can also apply this conditioner all throughout the day and not only after showering. However, it’s best to apply leave-in conditioner on damp hair so it locks in moisture to the strands.

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    You leave it on hair without rinsing. This helps protect the strands from dryness and damage. You can use leave-in conditioners to soften hair as well so you can style it easily. If you have dry hair type like curly hair or kinky hair, you should invest in leave-in conditioner. It makes strands softer and smoother so they don’t become tangled.

    Leave-in conditioners protect your hair from damage as well. They reduce brittleness and breakage, which is very common for curly hair. Make sure you pair leave-in conditioner with shampoo suitable for your hair type. Here are the various types of shampoo to choose from.

    Why Your Hair Needs Leave-In Conditioner

    If your hair lacks shine, softness, and volume, leave-in conditioners can help. They work for all hair types especially dry and curly hair. Find out why your hair needs leave-in conditioners and how they help improve your locks.

    Helps Hair Stay Moisturized Longer

    Regular conditioners may help give your hair a softer and smoother texture. However, moisture from regular conditioners might not be enough to condition your hair throughout the day. Leave-in conditioners, on the other hand, help keep your hair moisturized all day long. Rinse-off conditioners do not leave enough moisture to condition your hair. They evaporate quickly and may only leave product residue that can make your hair dull.

    Leave-in conditioners are made with moisturizing ingredients that absorb well into hair shaft. These ingredients help retain moisture on hair so it doesn’t become dry. You can choose from different types of leave-in conditioners. Some products are pure oils that help moisturize hair without making it heavy. Oil leave-in conditioners are perfect for dry hair because they can keep your tresses softer and shinier.

    Reduces Breakage and Split Ends

    Leave-in conditioners seal cuticles to the hair shaft. Raised cuticles lead to split ends and breakage. They allow air to pass through, which swells the strands and makes hair more brittle. Dry and brittle hair are prone to breakage due to their low elasticity and high porosity.

    Since leave-in conditioners coat your hair in moisture, they can make raised cuticles lay flat on the strands. They fill in gaps between hair cuticles as well so the strands become more resilient against breakage. Leave-in conditioners help fortify your hair’s natural barrier to protect it from damage too.

    Woman with lustrous curly hair

    Improves Hair Strength and Elasticity

    Elasticity is your hair’s ability to snap back in place when stretched. Dry hair is more prone to breakage when stretched. This is because the strands become less flexible when there is little to no moisture within hair shaft. There are bonds within hair, called hydrogen bonding, that help the strands stretch without breaking. Moisture is important to maintain hydrogen bonding. Hydrogen bonds hold together protein structures of your hair. In short, they are what makes your hair stick together.

    Hydrogen bond or the physical bond of protein is broken and reset when you expose hair to water. This helps make your hair become elastic. Leave-in conditioners trap the water within the hair shaft to help maintain hydrogen bonding. This way, your hair can withstand force without breaking or getting damaged.

    Protects Hair from Damage

    Hair damage often starts from lack of moisture on hair. Dry hair is more prone to damage and breakage. Moisture plays an important role in maintaining hair’s elasticity, strength, and texture. When you use rinse-off conditioners, you don’t provide enough moisture to dry hair. Some rinse-off conditioners only make hair shinier and smoother. However, they may not have the power to keep your hair moisturized.

    Leave-in conditioners trap water within the hair shaft, which makes the strands more resilient against damage. They also fortify hair’s natural barrier to protect the strands from damaging elements such as pollution and UV radiation. Leave-in conditioners stay on your hair all day long to prevent dryness. They seal cuticles as well so your hair does not become frizzy and dry.

    Types of Leave-In Conditioner

    Leave-in conditioners are great for all hair types, especially dry hair. However, not all leave-in conditioners may work for your hair type. Below are types of leave-in conditioner and their benefits for hair.

    Oil Conditioner

    Oils may not be good for straight, normal hair. However, they are lifesavers if you have dry and curly hair. Oils help maintain moisture on hair for a long time. They have characteristics like the sebum products by scalp. Sebum has the ability to penetrate the surface of hair and make it stay moisturized. Oils help prevent frizziness as well to maintain the smooth and soft texture of your tresses.

    Transferring oil to another container

    Balm Conditioner

    Balm conditioners are good for curly and kinky hair. They have a thicker consistency, which helps lock in moisture to strands. Balm conditioners help make your hair easier to style too. Leave-in conditioners are good for your hair if you have many split-ends. They seal the cuticles to hair shaft, preventing them from lifting up.

    Cream Conditioner

    Cream conditioners are very light, which is why they work better for straight or normal hair type. They prevent frizziness and keep your hair shiny without weighing it down. Most leave-in conditioners can weigh heavily on hair, which reduces its volume. To maintain normal or straight hair’s volume, cream conditioners are good for hair.

    Butter Conditioner

    This type of leave-in conditioner often contains natural butter such as shea butter and mango butter. Leave-in butter conditioners are good for kinky hair that is very brittle and dry. It prevents hair from breaking, which is a common problem for kinky hair. Butter conditioners help define curls as well, so they stay lustrous and beautiful all day long.

    Spray Conditioner

    For limp hair, a leave-in spray conditioner is best used. Most spray conditioners are very light, often containing watery substances such as milk or rose water. Since limp hair lacks volume, it is important to use light conditioners that do not weigh heavily on hair. Milk or watery extracts lock in moisture to hair so it doesn’t become brittle or dry throughout the day.

    How to Apply Leave-In Conditioner

    When you use leave-in conditioners, make sure that you apply it properly to maintain hair strength, shine, and softness. You can apply leave-in conditioners all throughout the day. However, it is best to put leave-in conditioner on damp hair. Here’s how you do it:

    Girl drying the ends of her hair with towel

    1. Remove excess water from hair. Let it dry a bit until hair is damp and not dripping wet.
    2. Put leave-in conditioner on palms and rub hands together. This step is for conditioners applied using hands.
    3. Apply the product starting from the tips of your hair and work your way upwards. You can untangle your hair as you apply conditioner. This helps reduce breakage.
    4. If you are using spray conditioners, place the product 8-10 inches away from hair for full coverage. Make sure to spray all over hair.
    5. Style as desired.

    Leave-in conditioners are extremely easy to use. There are lots of benefits when you apply it on hair every day too. If you want lustrous hair that shines all day, make sure to find the best conditioner for you. Here are the best brands that offer high-quality conditioners for all hair types.

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