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Conditioner by Purpose | Find Suitable Conditioner for Your Hair
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Conditioner by Purpose

Find Out the Best Conditioner by Purpose for Your Hair


Conditioners do not only beautify hair. They can strengthen and repair hair damage as well. Among the various hair products that you use, conditioner is on top of the list. It helps prevent dryness and brittleness of hair. If you have a hair concern, it’s best for you to pick a conditioner by purpose. There are conditioners that can straighten your hair, restore its vitality and shine, moisturize deeply, repair hair damage, and many more.

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Each conditioner is made to address hair concerns and bring the best out of your tresses. Don’t forget to get high-quality conditioners from top brands to see great results. Find the best conditioner that makes your hair shine. Here are some tips for choosing which conditioner works best for you.

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    Types of Conditioner and Their Purpose

    You think all conditioners are the same? They come in different forms with varied purposes. Some of them play a short-term role in maintaining your hair. Others provide long-term effects but only used with caution.

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    Conditioning Products

    There are different conditioning products available in your local store or online. Here are the following products you have come across.

    Rinse-Out Conditioners

    Rinse-outs are regular conditioners that you use in the shower after shampoo. They come in a heavy and thick consistency. These hair care products are designed to restore moisture while detangling your hair.

    All hair types use rinse outs. It’s essential to use conditioner after shampooing your hair. Conditioners rehydrate your strands since shampoos can be very drying. They also create a barrier to protect your strands. The effects of these conditioners are short-term, which is why you should hydrate your strands regularly.

    Leave-in Conditioners

    Leave-in conditioners have a thin and serum-like texture since they have lighter ingredients. They are usually applied on damp hair after you shampoo and condition your hair. These products prevent tangles and knots while your strands are drying.

    Leave-in conditioners coat your hair shaft and smooth out your tips, but they don’t absorb into your strands. These conditioners are ideal for kinky or curly hair. They help keep your tresses in place and prevent flyaways, while keeping your dry strands look shinier. Find out more about leave-in conditioners by visiting this page.

    Dry Conditioners

    You have heard of dry shampoos. But did you know there are dry conditioners too? These products have been around for years and they come in different formulas. These conditioners are designed to instantly make your hair shinier and softer by spritzing your strands.

    Earlier versions of dry conditioners contain powders and agents to reduce frizz. Nowadays they have a suspension of oils and other nutrients that come in aerosol form. Using dry conditioner is a great go-to product when you need to hydrate your hair quickly.

    Deep Conditioners

    Masks or deep conditioners are treatments applied on your hair and left on for a long period of time. They have a more concentrated formula compared to rinse-out products. Hair masks have a long-lasting effect compared to other conditioners.

    Deep conditioning treatments are recommended to do once or twice a week. These conditioners have heavy ingredients, such as oils and butter, which weigh down your hair if used too much.

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    Conditioner for Specific Hair Concerns

    Everyone is born with different hair types. Some of you have certain scalp issues you want to solve. Here are the different formulas of conditioners you can use to address your hair issues.

    • Volume Conditioners

    Volume conditioners are ideal for you if you were born with flat, straight, and lifeless hair. These hair care products contain ingredients that lift strands, making them look thick. These products won’t weigh your hair down and leave any residue since they have a lighter formula.

    • Moisturizing Conditioners

    Moisturizing conditioners are packed with hydrating nutrients. They come in various densities since dryness is an issue that affects different hair textures.

    Light moisturizing conditioners are ideal for dried out straight and wavy hair. You want to hydrate your tresses without any potential of scalp buildup. Wavy hair types should look for formulas that control frizz in humid and dry weather.

    People with curly and wavy locks benefit using moisturizing products since they are prone to dryness. Look for conditioners that have heavy and deep hydrating ingredients. The thicker the consistency of the product, the better for your curly locks.

    • Color Depositing Conditioners

    There are a number of factors that cause hair color to fade. The sun’s harmful UV rays and heat from styling tools are some examples. Bleaching and coloring your tresses dry them out more.

    There are conditioners ideal for reversing the damage. They contain ingredients that revive color and make your tresses vibrant. These conditioners are infused with pigments that amplify your shade and neutralize brassy tones. They also improve color retention while slowing down the fading process. Want to know how to use hair color? Check out this page to find out more.

    • Repairing Conditioners

    Struggling with split ends? Repairing conditioners help manage and fix your damaged tresses. They create a barrier on your hair shaft and protect them from stressors. Protein, amino acids, and vitamin E are some ingredients found in these conditioners.

    • Hair Loss Conditioners

    Hair loss conditioners are made for strengthening strands. These products prevent your tresses from shedding. Some of these conditioners have cleansing properties that help your scalp too.

    • Conditioners for Scalp Issues

    Dandruff and fungal infections are scalp issues that you may experience. Conditioners that target flaky and itchy scalp are best paired with shampoos. They contain ingredients, such as tea tree oil, that provide relief to your irritated scalp.

    Ingredients and their Purpose in Conditioners

    These are some of the common ingredients found in conditioners and how they help your hair.

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    Humectants are compounds that help hydrate your tresses. They attract water molecules from the air and onto your hair shaft. Conditioners contain both synthetic and natural humectants.

    Synthetic humectants are cheap to produce, which makes them common in hair care products. They temporarily lock in moisture and don’t provide any nutrients. In some cases, they interrupt with the body’s process of self-hydrating. Some common examples of these humectants include glycerin, glucose, and sodium lactate.

    Natural Humectants help draws in moisture while encouraging scalp to self-hydrate. They regulate oil production on your skin, which encourages the growth of new cells. Hyaluronic and alpha hydroxyl acids are some examples of acids that hydrate your complexion. Honey and Aloe Vera are other ingredients that have healing properties great for your scalp.


    Conditioners contain emollients—softening agents that offer relief to dry, brittle, and flaky skin. They help hydrate your hair and regulate the natural oils on your scalp. These compounds lubricate, smoothen, and flatten the surface of your cuticles, adding shine and gloss in the process.

    Emollients also contain nutrients and benefits that absorb easily to your follicles. There are different kinds of ingredients. Butter, oils, and fatty alcohols are some of the examples. They usually have small molecules that penetrate and improve your hair texture.


    Your body needs protein to build and repair tissues. Lack of this substance results in dry and brittle hair.

    Hair care products with protein rebuild damaged strands and prevent shedding.

    Conditioners that contain protein create a protective coating over damaged strands. If you experience everyday stressors that damage your hair, conditioners that have protein are ideal for you. Different kinds of protein are found in conditioners. Examples of these are hydrolyzed keratin and silk proteins.

    Choosing the right products is important in fixing certain issues. You don’t want to end up with damaged strands and weighed down hair. Knowing which type of conditioner and what they contain benefits your hair’s overall health.

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