Women’s Hair Care Habits from Around the World

By: | Oct 11, 2018

You might be used to chemical-based shampoos that give your hair extra shine and softness. However, women from Africa, India, and Morocco depend on nature to bring the best out of their hair. Women all around the world celebrate natural hair in their own unique ways. Hair care habits differ – there’s a diversity in the type of shampoo women use. But we all agree on one thing – that hair is more than a defining feature.

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Hair has become a symbol of pride for women all around the world. It speaks a different language, a unique culture of care, and most of all, traditions that were passed down through several generations. The way that these women care for their hair depends on various factors. They develop habits that represent their culture, environment, and traditions.

Why We Have Different Hair Care Habits

People from all over the globe develop hair care habits affected by cultural and environmental factors. Women learn how to care for their hair through generations of trying out various products and methods. They build routines and create products that suit their hair type. Women find ways to protect their hair from factors that can cause damage. Below are the two main factors that affect hair care habits of women from around the world.

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Diversity of Hair Texture and Color

People from various parts of the world have different hair texture and color. Their hair type might be a unique part of their ancestry. Asians are known for their dark hair colors. Africans have afro-textured hair. Meanwhile, 80% of the population in northern Europe is blonde. These are different hair types due to ancestry. However, it is through tradition that we develop hair care habits. Women before us built routines that are tried and tested. We change these routines to suit our preferences.

Your hair type is part of your genes. You need to consider your hair type to build the perfect hair routine. The products you use should be suitable for your hair type. In some countries, there are traditions they follow on how to manage and take care of their hair. Hair has spiritual and cultural significance in these countries. Some also believe that particular hairstyles are a medium of divine communication. There are African tribes that style their hair in unique ways because it is part of their tradition.

How Topography and Climate Affects Hair Care Habits

Did you know that people from different countries bathe differently? According to several studies, culture and resources affect how people shower in one place. Japanese and Koreans go to communal baths due to tradition. On the other hand, Russians are known to shower less due to water shortage. Brazil ranks on top when it comes to showering every day. Brazilians takes showers an average of 14 times in one week.

The difference in environment and climate affects people’s habits, lifestyle, and hygiene. These are also factors that play a role in how you take care of your hair. People from cold places do not take a shower or bathe as much as those who live in tropical countries. Even the humidity of these places affects how hair fares.

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Hair Care Secrets of Women Around the World

Just because we have different hair care habits, does not mean that we can’t benefit from each other’s hair care secrets. We’ve compiled the best tricks and habits that women from all around the world swear by.

Cleansing Hair

Washing hair gets rid of excess oil, dirt, and product buildup. It makes your hair shiny and smooth. Shampoos are used to strengthen hair as well. Here are some tips that can help cleanse your hair better:

  • Black soap is a shampoo bar popular in West Africa. It contains various botanical ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, and cocoa. Black soap helps cleanse your hair without making it dry.
  • In Hawaii, ginger is used to make hair soft and shiny. Awapuhi is a type of ginger found in Hawaii, also called “shampoo ginger”. It is used by women to cleanse and nourish hair.
  • There are natural shampoos used around the world. Native Americans use yucca, also called as soapweed, as a natural shampoo. Its roots are ground until they turn to mush. It acts as a detergent that helps cleanse hair.
  • Australians add eucalyptus to their shampoo. This helps soothe itchiness and dandruff. Eucalyptus helps grow stronger and healthy hair too.
  • Castor oil is a popular ingredient in shampoos, especially in Jamaica. Jamaican black castor oil helps hydrate and nourish hair. Castor oil shampoo helps prevent hair loss as well as stimulate hair growth.
  • Greek women like to use rosemary water as a natural rinse. It gets rid of product buildup and gives hair a shiny and lustrous appearance. Japanese women use shampoos that contain seaweed and algae. They contain rich amounts of minerals and vitamins that help stimulate hair growth.

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Moisturizing Hair

Moisture is very important to maintain healthy hair. It prevents hair from getting dry and brittle. Moisturizing hair helps control hair damage and breakage as well. Try these tricks to moisturize your hair for shinier and softer tresses:

  • Moroccans use argan oil to moisturize their hair. There are a lot of benefits in using this carrier oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that help strengthen hair. Argan oil prevents hair damage and breakage too.
  • Shea butter is a common ingredient used in West Africa. It works as an effective conditioner that nourishes hair as well. Shea butter locks in moisture to strands. It protects hair from dryness, pollution and sun damage.
  • Indians use coconut oil as moisturizer. Coconut oil’s deep moisturizing properties is the secret behind Indian women’s thick and shiny hair.
  • Olive oil is not only used as dressing for pasta in Italy. The oil is used as well to condition hair for long-lasting moisture.
  • Japanese woman loves camellia oil due to its great moisturizing properties for hair. The oil helps stimulate healthy hair growth as well.

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Managing and Styling Hair

Managing and styling your hair can make the difference in how it looks and feels. When you are rough with your hair, it tends to break easily. Handle your hair with care and try these tips to get lustrous locks:

  • French women don’t like using styling tools that expose hair to too much heat. They prefer air dry and style using their fingers. You should try this especially if you have brittle hair.
  • Women in tropical countries like Australia learned that using UV protection on hair helps protect it from damage. It prevents dryness and keeps hair shiny all day long.
  • Using henna to dye hair started in Egypt. It doesn’t have damaging effects on hair because henna is made from natural ingredients. Henna makes your hair thicker and shinier too.

Women like to flaunt their lustrous hair. As your crowning glory, you’d want your hair to shine. These are tips and tricks women from all around the world swear by. Try them and see if they work for your hair!