Magic Can’t Fix Disney Characters’ Relatable Hair Problems

By: | Dec 17, 2018

Even princesses who wear the most fabulous ball gowns have a hard time taming their wild locks. Belle’s simple ponytail is so understandable – simple, easy, and effective enough to hold your hair together. Unlike the classic Cinderella movie, today’s Disney characters are portrayed closer to real life with wild frizzy locks. While their fairytale life seems far from reality, some of these women suffer from the same hair concerns that you have.

Woman with frizzy, curly hair

For years, the princesses we see in movies became our own standards of beauty, even when it comes to hair. Rapunzel has long golden locks that are as strong as a ladder. Snow White somehow manages to keep her soft-looking bob voluminous. Thankfully, Disney brought to life these powerful women who suffer from the same hair problems as you. Moana’s frizzy beach waves and Merida’s stubborn curls look so good, so real, and so relatable. Here are the best (and worst) hair moments for Disney characters and how you can prevent them in real life.

Anna’s Messy Bedhead

Remember that once scene when Anna woke up with a nest sitting on top of her head? You probably didn’t bat an eye despite the fact that you just had a sneak peek at a princess’ not-so-glamorous morning. Because your hair looks the same when you wake up – tangled and all over the place.

There is very little you could do to make your locks look fabulous right after you wake up. Hair is very unpredictable. You can have the best hair today and the worst hair day tomorrow. However, there is always a reason why your hair becomes frizzy or messy. For example, you might not be using the right sheet or pillowcase, just like Anna. Another reason could be that you do not put on enough moisturizer on hair, which leaves it dry and prone to frizziness. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help prevent frizzy and messy bedhead.

How to Prevent Messy Bedhead

  1. Use silk pillowcases. This reduces friction on your hair, which can help prevent frizziness. Cotton, nylon, or linen can rub against the cuticles on your hair. They may raise the cuticles and cause frizziness or split ends. A satin pillowcase is gentler on hair and may help prevent bedhead.
  2. Put your hair in a protective style. Leaving your hair down as you sleep can make it tangled and messy. You can put it in a protective style where the ends are tucked to reduce split ends or damage on the tips of your hair. Make sure you moisturize your hair before you style it. You can put on a bandana as well to hold your hair in place.

Woman with lustrous hair sleeping

Rapunzel’s Choppy Haircut

Rapunzel may have one of the most unrealistic hair lengths out of all Disney characters. But she also suffered from the same problems just like any of us. Long hair is so hard to brush especially if you don’t take care of the ends. The tips of your hair can get frizzy and full of split ends. However, the most relatable scene might just be when Flynn cut her hair. It’s not the circumstances leading to that haircut that made it relatable.

It was Rapunzel’s reaction when she saw her long locks fall. Rapunzel looked horrified as she touched the ends of her hair. Her choppy haircut was horrifying – the ends were uneven and they looked frizzy. You might have the same reaction when you tried cutting your hair on your own, or when a stylist cut your hair way too short. Haircuts can get disastrous when you don’t plan them carefully.

How to Fix and Prevent Choppy Haircut

  1. Go to a professional stylist and consult them on what haircut suits you best. If you have a haircut in mind, it would be better if you bring a sample picture as reference. Make sure that the stylist knows how to handle your hair to get the haircut you desire.
  2. If you want to cut your own hair, find out if you should cut it when wet or dry. If you have straight hair and you want to opt for an even cut, wet your hair. This allows you to cut in precise lines so you don’t get choppy hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, do it with dry locks. This way, you can follow natural curl patterns and adjust how you cut your hair.

Merida’s Wild Flaming Curls

Merida doesn’t mind that her beautiful hair is wild, messy, and frizzy. And you should not too. Curly hair is something to be proud of, as shown by Merida in various scenes. While it blocks her vision most of the time, she just removes the locks from her face and doesn’t do anything. This shows that Merida accepts and is proud of her hair. Another scene shows her mother tucking her stubborn curls in a head cap and she rebelliously pulled out some locks.

One of the notable scenes shows her mom brushing her curls. Any curly girl probably felt the pain while watching that scene. Seriously, never brush your curls. Use wide-toothed combs that can help untangle curly hair without making it break. This can make your hair more frizzy and may even lead to excessive breakage.

Woman with red curly hair

How to Keep Curls Soft and Defined

  1. Use wide-toothed comb to detangle hair. Never use brush because they can cause breakage and hair damage. Make sure you use a conditioner when you detangle hair too. This makes the strands smoother and softer so they don’t break when combed.
  2. Since curly hair is very dry and brittle, make sure to moisturize often so it doesn’t become frizzy. Carrier oils are great choices for curly hair. There are many ways you can use moisturizing oils. Apply them as pre-poo conditioners, leave-in conditioner, or as deep conditioner. Oils help your hair become defined and full of life without weighing heavily on locks. Discover more uses and benefits of oils at the page below.

Moana’s Frizzy Beach Waves

Other than being a beautiful woman of color with realistic proportions (except for her eyes), Moana’s hair is another characteristic that fans love. Her dark beach waves look frizzy, undefined, and bleached at the ends. Best of all, there is an entire population that has realistic hair. When Moana gets frustrated with her wavy hair, she puts it in a bun, which is a typical hairstyle for girls who have curly and wavy hair.

Moana also has flyaways that make her hair look messy at times. Wavy hair loses its definition and looks frizzy when you don’t moisturize it enough. If you want to keep wavy hair lustrous and defined, here are some tips you can try.

How to Keep Wavy Hair Lustrous and Frizz-Free

  1. Avoid using normal towels to dry hair. You can use microfiber towels or old t-shirts, which are gentler on hair. They do not cause friction to the cuticles, which can lift them up from the hair shaft, increasing the risk of frizziness. You should also attach a diffuser to hairdryer so your hair doesn’t become frizzy or dry.
  2. Use leave-in conditioners that protect hair from damaging and drying factors. Wavy hair is prone to frizziness, breakage, and hair damage. Wavy hair does not have enough moisture to maintain its soft and smooth texture. Leave-in conditioners moisturize your hair better than regular conditioners. Learn how to choose a suitable leave-in conditioner for your hair from the page below.

From perfect curls and bobs to frizzy curls that are too stubborn to tame – women can now relate to Disney characters when it comes to hair. While they live a magical life, magic can’t save them from having some hair problems. Good for you, there are some tips you can try so your hair stays lustrous, smooth, and shiny.